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There are two main ingredients that define our AQUAPRESÉN products. The powers of activated water and whey give our products the effects that make them so popular.


Activated water is self-subsidized water by Swiss quality, modified by a patented electrolysis process, which has the ability to neutralize microbiological organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Activated water is considered to be 100% natural and completely free of any chemicals. This fact has been scientifically proven.

The AQUAPRESÉN SWISS product line with activated water as its main ingredient is one of the most innovative developments in the field of natural cosmetics of the last few years.
Activated water has a broad field of application: Through the use of this highly effective ingredient our products can be implemented to help with various problems: Some examples are skin problems, bad breath, body odor, foot odor and many other common problems.

Pure spring water is
technically "activated"

The surface tension
increases strongly

bacteria, viruses, fungi
are neutralized

activated water


100% pure


The second main ingredient of the AQUAPRESÉN products is whey, which had been in use for centuries in various fields of application. The 100% natural and biological product supports the skin functions perfectly. The skin becomes nourished, resistant, the physical appearance is improved and the health of the skin is supported.

This is AQUAPRESÉN - Elke Cappellari and Michael Keil talking with Michael Friedrich Vogt (German)

AQUAPRESÉN Product Manager Elke Cappellari and AQUAPRESÉN CEO Michael Keil in conversation with Prof. Michael Friedrich Vogt of Quer-Denken.TV. In the program, both explain exactly how activated water works, why whey can contribute so much to a healthy and beautiful body and the basic principles and advantages of the regenerative natural cosmetics of AQUAPRESÉN.

Further videos with interviews and product presentations can be found under the heading “Medien” in this webshop.

  • 100% natural products based on activated water
Products for the skin, feet and the most delicate areas and ear, nose and throat
Products for the protection and care of stressed muscles, joints and lips.
Products to prevent the appearance of natural aging, cellulite and hair loss.
Products for relaxation that do wonders.
Animal Care
First natural care for animals worldwide, that is based on activated water.


Our AQUAPRESÉN care line offers products for the skin, feet and and the most delicate areas as well as for the throat, nose and ear area. No matter whether it is rash, skin irritation or mouth odor.

The cosmetic product AQUAPRESÉN SWISS LIQUID can be used for all skin problems, as well as for foot odor and problems in the genital area. By means of a 100% natural, patented electrolysis process, activated water is able to react with foreign substances and thus neutralize them. This creates a broad range of applications.

The AQUAPRESÉN QUELL GEL is the gel variant of the SWISS liquid and has the same properties. It has been specially developed for applications where high viscosity is more practical.

With the AQUAPRESÉN HNO LIQUID we offer a care product specially designed for the sensitive mucous membranes of the throat, nose and ear areas. Here, too, the base is activated water, which is produced from Swiss mountain spring water in a patented process.



The AQUAPRESÉN exericise line provides products for the protection and care of stressed muscles, joints and lips. They are suitable for both active athletes and people with general movement problems.

MARC GIRARDELLI LAUBERHORN MUSCLE BALM is based on a 50-year-old natural prescription formula and contributes a valuable contribution to the health and maintenance of muscles and joints. It was known until 1994 only as a medicine against rheumatism and arthritis, before it became accessible to the free market. The main components are different alpine herbs, which interact optimally.

The MARC GIRARDELLI STREIF COOLING GEL is based on the LAUBERHORN MUSKELBALSAM and is particularly suitable for acute application in case of problems with its cooling effect.

The AQUAPRESÉN BEAUTY KISS lip care gel protects and cares for stressed lips.



The AQUAPRESÉN Slow Aging line is dedicated to preserving your natural beauty. With purely natural ingredients it is used to prevent the external signs of the natural skin aging as well as of cellulite and hair loss.

The AQUAPRESÉN DOPPELKRAFT SHAMPOO with natural caffeine and L-Arginine stimulates the hair growth directly on weakened roots and also prevents hereditary hair loss.

The AQUAPRESÉN SENNHIT HAIR BALM is a newly developed high-quality hair treatment for shiny and healthy hair. The basis is alpine whey with its rich vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

With the AQUAPRESÉN SLIM ALPIN BODYLOTION, we offer the ideal natural product for application in problem areas. The skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother. It contains activated water and highly concentrated whey which has been enriched with additional natural serums.



With the AQUAPRESÉN wellness line, your physical and mental well-being is ensured.

The morning shower ensures daily, that we start fresh and put up in the day. With the MARC GIRARDELLI KANDAHAR SHOWER GEL, AQUAPRESÉN offers the ideal product for this.

The AQUAPRESE ALPENTHERME HERBAL BATH is based on the MARC GIRARDELLI LAUBERHORN and consists of soothing, pure natural ingredients and cares for the stressed skin while at the same time providing deep recovery and relaxation.



AQUAPRESÉN ANIMAL’S BLUE products are highly active regenerative natural preservatives specially for animals, which can be used for different areas due to their nature.

The basis of all products of the Animal’s Blue series is the activated water, which due to its high surface tension can neutralize fungi, viruses and bacteria. This also supports the skin's self-healing powers and prevents problems. This ensures well-groomed skin and beautiful fur.

Animal’s Blue by AQUAPRESÉN Aktiv Liquid based on activated water can protect against any skin problems.

Animal’s Blue by AQUAPRESÉN Aktiv Gel is based on activated water and can protect against any skin problems. Excellent for individual application.

Animal’s Blue by AQUAPRESÉN Aktiv Muscle Balm for stressed muscles and joints, before and after training. With a variety of different herbs. For horses, dogs and other animal species with complaints of the movement apparatus. With essential oils, therefore not suitable for cats.

Animal’s Blue by AQUAPRESÉN Aktiv Shampoo is a natural animal shampoo with a greasy, nourishing effect.


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