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AQUAPRESÉN Herzlich willkommen


We Aquapresénians

We produce our unique natural cosmetics at our location in the beautiful Swiss Rhine Valley. A professional manufactory in which all employees work with heart and soul, not only to create a positive working atmosphere, but also to give the active energy the right energy.



On the basis of highly activated water we produce a wide range of world-wide unique and 100% natural cosmetic products. The basis of all our products, the highly activated water, is naturally altered Swiss quality water from our own production, which has the scientifically proven property of reacting with substances that are foreign to the body and neutralizing them. This creates a broad spectrum of application for stressed skin and body regions.

AQUAPRESÉN products have been dermatologically tested and found to be „very good“.

The positive customer feedback and the high customer satisfaction motivate us every day to always give our best.

Store Bludenz

Since 2017 we have operated our store in the beautiful Austrian village Bludenz. Customers there were not only personally advised about our unique natural cosmetics on the basis of activated water, but also could buy products of partners of us like antiques. You find us at Mühlgasse No. 13-15. We are open Mo-Fr 9:30-12:00 13:30-18:00, Sa + Thue 9:30-12:00. 











Factory store

Anyone who visits us in our factory store will receive personal advice on our products. Also, you can buy our products at Lippuner drugstore in Sevelen and in Alpstein drugstore St.Gallen as at many other resellers and onlieshops.









"Die Blaue Couch"

Aquapresén has been organizing the "Blue Couch" series of events since 2015. Exciting lectures, delicious Apero and interesting interlocutors, we would like to offer people a platform to get information they can not do in the usual ways. And the concept is set in. The topics of nature, health, holistic thinking and much more are very popular among visitors to the blue couch.








Sustainability & Responsibility

Our goal is to make cosmetics that works and which is good for our environment and our body.
We already absorb so much harmful and foreign substances through the skin, that one does not have to also apply it.
Our products are produced at our location in the Swiss Rhine Valley, and most of the raw materials are obtained locally or from neighboring countries (D / AT).
This is not always easy, because there are many things not close to us but we are very hard to meet our own high standards and work environmentally conscious.

Our water, which we use for the treatment of the activated water, comes from our own source.

We also want to emphasize that we are strictly against the use of animal experiments and that our products have never been tested on animals and we will never be commissioned to do so.

Our cartons are also produced in a sustainable manner and come from a closed raw material cycle, nothing is wasted, the raw materials grow. We also try to use containers that contain as little plasticizer as possible.


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