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The Power of Nature

There are two main components that make our AQUAPRESÉN products what they are. The power of activated water and whey give our products their popular popularity.

What is activated water?

Activated water is self-subsidized Swiss quality water, which has been modified by a patented electrolysis process and has the ability to neutralize microbiological organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Since this effect occurs purely by an electrolytic structure change, activated water is 100% natural and free of any chemicals. This has also been scientifically confirmed and proven.

The AQUAPRESÉN SWISS line with activated water as the main ingredient is one of the most innovative cosmetic organic products of recent years. Activated water has a wide range of applications: By using this highly active ingredient, our products can be used in many ways: for example, skin irritation, mouth and foot smell and many other everyday problems.

Whey: An age-old natural product

The second main ingredient of the AQUAPRESÉN products is whey, which had been in use for centuries in various fields of application. The 100% natural and biological product supports the skin functions perfectly. The skin becomes nourished, resistant, the physical appearance is improved and the health of the skin is supported.


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