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The Power of Nature

There are two main components that make our AQUAPRESÉN products what they are. The power of activated water and whey give our products their popular popularity.

What is activated water?

Activated water is self-subsidized Swiss quality water, which has been modified by a patented electrolysis process and has the ability to neutralize microbiological organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Since this effect occurs purely by an electrolytic structure change, activated water is 100% natural and free of any chemicals. This has also been scientifically confirmed and proven.

The AQUAPRESÉN SWISS line with activated water as the main ingredient is one of the most innovative cosmetic organic products of recent years. Activated water has a wide range of applications: By using this highly active ingredient, our products can be used in many ways: for example, skin irritation, mouth and foot smell and many other everyday problems.

Whey: An age-old natural product

The second main ingredient of the AQUAPRESÉN products is whey, which had been in use for centuries in various fields of application. The 100% natural and biological product supports the skin functions perfectly. The skin becomes nourished, resistant, the physical appearance is improved and the health of the skin is supported.

HADO LIFE certified

The aqua laboratory Aquaquinta has been awarded AQUAPRESÉN with the HADO LIFE certificate for the high quality and quality of the vibrations in the activated water, thus confirming the excellent orderliness and the outstanding harmony of the basis of all AQUAPRESÉN products. The AquaQuinta laboratory, under the direction of the student, companion and successor of Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dipl.-Ing. MSc Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, applies the water ice crystal method for determining the quality of the harmonic structures in water samples.

HADO LIFE-Zertifikat

Water is more than the sum of its ingredients. Water is unique - it has the property of reacting to any conceivable influence in the form of vibrations from the outside. These vibrations can also be referred to as information, and so water reacts to information in a manner that in-forms the water. The water then forms, which can be seen and / or measured - for example as a wave with the naked eye or with devices as electromagnetic tension or other physical properties  What is the basis of the special so-called & quot; dipole character & quot; of the water. Thus, the charge differences or the & quot; poles & quot; Within an H2O molecule. This is due to the fact that, unlike other chemical substances, water has relatively many irregularities.  

The water laboratory Hado Life has been examining water samples from around the world for almost two decades on its formative properties. The purpose is to investigate water ice crystal photography, a method developed by Dr. Masaru Emoto, to test frozen water samples at 200x magnification under an incident light microscope. In the case of some waters, a single, tiny snowflake is found on the tip, which has a diameter of about 0.3 mm. In this one snowflake the qualities of the vibrations in the water become visible - similar to the sound of a tuning fork. The most important finding, which has been gained after thousands of tested samples from all over the world: good and, above all, natural waters are characterized by particularly beautiful and harmonious forms. In this case, this form of the quality of the water must be entirely distinguished from the chemical quality. Thus, it has been found that the water of the Ganges, which can not be regarded as particularly outstanding in biochemical terms, has nevertheless produced miraculously harmonious water crystals.

The method nevertheless has a small hook: since the water reacts to all vibrations in the environment, this also applies to those of the researcher who examines the sample. The method is thus not objective in the strict scientific sense, it can not be, and the result - the snowflake - can not be repeated 100% identically. Conversely, this also shows that the water responds to everything. 

This method of investigation of. Dr. Masaru Emoto is now headed by Emotos longest employee Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen in the Hado Life Laboratory. The aim is to promote products and technologies that work with water with a particularly high harmonic order. This has a simple reason: it is to be assumed that these waters with the high quality of vibrations give this quality also to their environment, because everything influences each other. Thus, a corresponding water is an important factor for the health of all living beings in its environment - they consist of about 80% of water. 


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