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Heat Coma

As if the "afternoon-full-eaten-coma" was not bad enough, our blood is mainly in the digestive system and the brain at work as good as off, no, it must also be fraternizing with the heat- coma.

Since the high temperature drop of 10 degrees and now the repeated increase, the body is completely confused. At least mine. That I do not fall asleep in front of the PC is actually an Olympic masterpiece. But there you should still be able to concentrate? How are you doing? All around, not only in our office, but also from others you can hear that this extreme fatigue is spreading. Or is it the annual, "the summer is coming to an end and soon it gets dark again" - blues? Probably a mix of everything, but not only nature, this summer has been pretty bad, but also for us in the office.

The Gletscher Cooling Gel is massaged in a continuous loop as a refrigerator replacement on the neck, the fans  roar like aircraft propellers on the runway and the movements take place in super-slow motion.

By the way, if the boss reads this: do not panic, of course, no one sleeps here;)! Well, now our pumpkin cooks as you say, but we do our best and are fully motivated thanks to the ice cream sponsorship of various colleagues. Speaking of sponsorship, the summer sale will end next week. So, let's have a quick slam before another crying.

A sauna weekend,

your Aquapresén team



Like butter in the attic ...

... that's just how we all feel. It is hot. Well, it's summer. Of course, some rain at night would be nice, especially for the farmers and nature in general, but most will enjoy the nice weather. Before we complain about the cold again in winter.

In places it is so hot that you not only feel like butter in the attic occurs, congratulations by the way to all those with apartments on the top floor, but also like the fried egg on the hood, the cookie dough behind the windshield or the corn what mutated into popcorn by itself. All these funny ideas are currently circulating through the internet to show how hot it really is. A short walk around with the office dog (yes, he has to make a round despite the heat, albeit preferably in the shade) and a view of the burnt fields. Nice, if the summer flu plagues you, but luckily there is the HNO set?)
For the most part, we enjoy the summer, chill by the lake or the sea, take refuge in the height of the mountains or relax on balconies. Roast the winter bacon away (wishful thinking) and look forward to every little breeze. Today kindly donated by the office fan. To sweeten the summer weekend, we extend the campaign and continue to grant 50% discount on selected products. So, head out of the fridge and get into the shopping pleasure.

Drink enough, stop the breaks and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year,

your Aquapresén Team



World Champion Holiday

I lie on the beach under the parasol comfortably, nibble my watermelon and watch the hustle and bustle at the water.

Some go for a walk, others play with balls in the water and others try their hand at beach tennis. Very sporty.

A little refreshment in the cool water is just right, so I stroll through the other rows of beach chairs to the beautiful blue sea.

Ouch. A football suddenly hits my head, it hurts a lot. I turn to see where the ball came from, while I rest in pain. Already some kids come running up to me and apologize. There are many, different ages, who emulate their idols with great joy in the sand. Those who currently dominate the media world and heads of many. The big football stars show their skills at the World Championships in modern stadiums. The children here dream of it. And who knows, maybe one day you will see one of them on the screen again.

Our products already belong to the exclusive group of top stars and have not to dream of it. Thanks to our world champion summer sales, you can still benefit from it today. So do not wait too long, the round must be in the square. Um, I mean the item in the cart.

Summer greetings,

your Aquapresén team



World Masterwork

The heat had us firmly under control. Welding beads ran down our faces, the movements only took place in slow-motion and with a lot of imagination in the background we could listen to "It's super hot-high noon-western-movie-music". Yes, we already suffered.

But now, it's over. Summer is just starting out with the sporting event of the year. King Football is once again sitting on the throne of world affairs and makes the street sweepers bad. If in the preliminary report the Russians were then finally sent to the tundra, then, yes, then we can finally look forward to a great football summer. Hopp Schwiiz, #diemannschaft, Les Bleus, the wild Brazilians, Spanish and Portuguese, they are all there. As a damper you could see the non-participation of the Squadra Azzurra and Oranje. Is this a right world championship? It is a pity, but anyone who does not qualify has to stay home.
In any case, our products have qualified for the World Cup. Our team consists of 7 heroes who currently only cost half of the transfer. So dear Couch World Cup coaches, do not let them sit on the bench so long, bring them from the offside to your home and buy you the best natural products. That's the only way you can make your bathroom cabinet team first-rate. World Champion to be exact.

 Kick-off and shhhh,

your Aquapresen team




Pre-Summer Sale

Summer is near and the first warm days are promising. What is more important than pleasant skin care? And in order not to have to go on holiday without the exclusive, regenerative natural cosmetics of Aquapresén, we have come up with something special. Imagine you did not protect yourself properly. And then it is too late. You have sunburn.

It healed but now you are pelleting. Not very nice. So what are you doing best? A gentle exfoliation that removes the dander and in the case of Alpenglück with Apricot Kernel also cares at the same time. Alpenglück also on the beach. In our exclusive pre-summer sale we offer you 7 different products that are just as fantastic as the sale discount itself: 50%. This is rare with us so do not hesitate and access quickly. Only while supplies last.

Happy Summer Time,

your Aquapresén team



Wash it off

The person at the other end of the leash, who is responsible for the upbringing and imprinting of the animal, often fails in his task. Wanted and unwanted. But this does not only apply to selected breeds, but goes across the dog encyclopaedias.Since the mysterious case of "Chico", the dog who is said to have killed his two owners, there is a constant stream of news about dogs by the media, which should belong to the breed "fighting dog". Personally, we have never heard of such a breed, but only of the questionable lists drawn up since 2000, in which various breeds are classified as dangerous. Increased taxes, disrespectful looks, the change of the street side and insults are since the everyday for the owners of these races.

At the moment, the media is again so much on the topic of "fighting dogs", that the hard work of the animal welfare associations, which contribute to the education of different breeds, is made a niece. "Dog Bites Baby Almost Dead." "German Rushes Fighting Dogs at Syrian Family." Rushing headlines that catch readership well. Of course that's the case with all topics. But the fact that the father wanted to silence the crying newborn and nearly beat it to death, or that the Syrian family apparently attacked the man and the dogs defended him, is only revealed through the back door. Then, when public opinion is already set in stone.
Not only for horses, but above all we want to offer our special active shampoo in action for all dogs this week. Also suitable for sensitive skin, based on activated water and with purely natural ingredients. Let's hope you enjoy it and your four-legged friends too.

Beautiful Pentecost and a happy weekend,

your Aquapresén team




The first daffodils have already seen the light of the world when they left the last week due to frost. That was icy too. Now a few days of warmth, birds singing and sunshine. Everything comes to life again. You yourself are more alert, more motivated. In the evening it has been light for a while and so the winterdepressions are clearing a bit. But now winter is supposed to come back. One day -10 degrees, the other +10 degrees. That can not be healthy. Not for the plants outside. And less for our skin. It is still cracked and dry. And when we start working on the garden again, well, our hands, for example, do not have much to laugh about. Cut the branches, the leaves, hedges, plant onions. This only makes the skin more brittle, especially when it is not so warm. Therefore we want to give you 30% discount on our great hand cream Slow-Aging, so you can really look forward to the spring and do not be disappointed if we should still see snowflakes.

Spring greetings,

your Aquapresén Team



Olympic Virus

Well, did it catch you too? Are you in the Olympic fever? Whether alpine skiing, skeleton, figure skating or slope style, participants from all over the world are currently trying to prove their skills in South Korea. Everyone wants to be at the top of the podium and chop their little theeth into the gold medal. But what if you have spent your life training for this moment and then suddenly you  just are a permanent guest in the bathroom? All the effort in vain. Blood, sweat, tears. Nothing has helped it if one of the Noro virus got caught. This is what happened at this year's Winter Olympics. What a pity that antibiotics are so liberally thrown around, otherwise it might be working. Even with the severe flu cases. Well, there is activated water, which has no resistance and can neutralize fungi, viruses and bacteria. This is confirmed by numerous laboratory tests and research from the last decades. Even if you are not affected by the Noro virus, you are probably looking forward to our new sale. The Swiss Liquid refill bottle 500 ml based on activated water is now available for a limited time at a preferential price. Only while supplies last.

Get well,

your Aquapresén team




After skiing, you can often get green and blue off the slopes. But what about until you even stand on the boards? On the way from the parking lot to the base station of the gondola lift, you often have to beat the skis of the competitors around the ears. Competitors, because everyone wants to be the first at the counters and then in the gondola. And there is fighting with hard bandages. With skis and sticks one is maltreated, boxed with elbows and overrun by ski boots. Especially as a kid, not funny. Once you have made it to the ticket counters, you will be happily overtaken in the queue. Insufficient insight. Since you have to be rude unfriendly. The employees of the mountain railways usually endure all this patiently, respect. As soon as the doors of the gondola open, the running, shoving and crushing starts again. Like an anchovy in a rifle you drive up into the sun, into the glittering white snow. For the sight, the fight was worth it. And instead of licking the wounds like a cat, you just use the Gletscher Cooling Gel, which is in action this week.


Kindest regards, your Aquapresén team



Finally, Flex is back

They are back, finally! Flex, Gletscher and Alpenflug our stars, who have already made so many customers happy, are back in the webshop and replace the special edition "Marc Girardelli World Cup Muscle and Joint Care Series".
With various herbs, including arnica, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, wintergreen oil etc. and of course based on activated water, the Flex Muscle Balm and the Gletscher Cooling Gel can protect against muscle and joint problems. The Alpenflug Shower Gel is the perfect, refreshing supplement in the form of daily shower hygiene.
Hopefully you'll be as happy as we are, because that's our pre-Christmas present to you. Go to the shop now and soon name one of our outstanding products your own.

Have fun with Christmas shopping, your Aquapresén team



Happy Halloween

Mist clouds lie over the fields. The twilight has broken in, and in the slightly violet-gloomy light one can see the deep black ravens flying their circles.It is so quiet until one of the ravens suddenly tears me with it‘s loud scream and lets me run an icy chill over my back. Goose bumps all over. I walk along the dirt road with the office dog. In the distance a figure is schematically represented. And again it shudders me. But I'm trying to calm down, it's definitely just a dog-walker in the early morning. But Louis already sets the nape of his neck, slows his gait, lifts his head, and begins to growl gently. Ok, ok, stay very easy. Do not exaggerate. Just because we are just before Halloween and this would be the perfect location for a horror story, it does not mean that is really so.

The figure is approaching, I still can not see anything right, it's just too dark. It comes closer and closer and ...
... now is enough for me, quickly flick the flashlight from the phone and slap, the figure is past me but I could not see them. Gone. Like swallowed from the ground. Oh my God, my heart is racing, and the office dog is running beside me scarry, and I do not know what has just happened. Now the Goosebumps have definitely matured to the size of elephant’s pimple. Halleluja, if I would not know better I would think my heart would have jumped outof my body.

It was spooky, may have too often seen the trailer of "IT". This is nothing for me. Have I imagined this now, or not? No idea, I think I slowly suffer from persecution. Must sleep really well again. And to make it better, we offer you the Slow Aging Night Cream with a 30% discount for a scary, beautiful night. Only while supplies last.

(Also great under the Halloween make-up or after make-up removal. Spray first with Swiss Liquid, then apply night cream and sleep well, relaxed after the horror night.)

Happy Halloween, your Aquapresén team




Autumn has arrived. The trees show their splendor and the leaves dance to the ground. It is cool and in the morning there will be slight sleet clouds over the fields. Ravens pull their circles, squirrels hoard what they can find and we can not choose between warm and cold when the sun comes out. The nature prepares itself for the stillness and resting phase of the winter before in the spring again to new life to wake up. We should also allow ourselves some rest, relax, be creative.

How about carving? Pumpkins now have high season again and are not only beautified by children. Even adults make it really fun to conjure the most diverse faces and motifs. Sometimes more creepy on Halloween. In addition to the Lutheran year, his portrait on a pumpkin would also be good - just for the professionals, of course. For the 95 theses the place is not enough. The best thing is the Aquapresén logo, our Swiss Flower. The motif is also a beautiful pumpkin lamp carve. And to not resemble too much the face of the pumpkin, we offer you the day cream Slow Aging to the special price. Only while supplies last. So access quickly!

Your Aquapresén Team



A Wies'n Busserl - O'zopft is

In dawn, the lively activity of the exhibitors begins. Carcases are opened, gingerbread hearts are hung up, cotton candy is prepared and the chain carousel is polished. The first backhendl disappear in the oven and Popeye kneads the dumpling. The waitresses arm themselves with good contraception for the not always so nice customers and the hosts count the change money.

Meanwhile, I am sitting at the hairdresser and let me model one of the fashionable Wies'n hairpokes, of course matching the Dirndl, which I have selected weeks ago. Hopefully it fits still;)

A few flowers to the hair and it's off to the hotel to change me. Yes, but I must say the costume sits. Everything is tied properly, with matching felt bag and chic shoes, it goes to the Wies'n. Quickly take a last look in the elevator mirror, make up holds. Only one is missing. The lipstick: SoftKiss Active Caregloss. A bit shine must be, a buster of scratchy lips no one wants ... So, that fits. Very pleasant and at the same time caring with whey and beeswax.

I have a somewhat queasy feeling when I enter Theresa's fortress. In modern times, we never know, but we do not want to spoil the fun and lock ourselves in at home.

Past the sweets, the action bars and the rides, it goes to the tent. I need a Mass. A pity is not brewed with activated water as the activator beer or now the table water. So I enjoy the day in a splendid Bavarian tradition. And after Wies'n-close, of course, we go in Munich's inner city. The best thing about it? Of course, the SoftKiss active caregloss was still in action, corresponding to the Oktoberfest.

Bussi, Bussi, your Aquapresén team




Alpine Happiness

The air is cool early in the morning as I walk up the trail. The forest smells so spicy, you can see, the fall creeps on. The soil, the trees, herbs, mushrooms this smell is incomparable. One or two squirrels creep past, and the fir birds also pull their circles in search of the next breakfast buffet. My goal? A cottage in the mountains I rented over the weekend. What for? I just have to get my head free. My thoughts soon threaten to bring my brain to exploding and also my high blood pressure shows me clearly, something is going wrong at the moment. A weekend of reflection is a small attempt to find a few days of relaxation and answers in the midst of everyday life. Answers to questions that moves me. Am I doing the right thing? Where does all this lead me? Is it going on forever now, should it have been? Just live from weekend to weekend and at some point I'm 80 and wonder where has actually remained my life? What is my personal happiness?

I hope this weekend it is in the Alps, Alpenglück, in this cottage, in peace. Hopefully I can tolerate this rest at all and use it in such a short time?

The way up is really nice, gradually the sun warms my face through the tree tops and I have to take off the jacket. While I put my jacket in the backpack, I take the bird song was incredibly intense and everything else around me. Inhale deeply, perhaps this is the first touch of recovery. I'll be there soon. A pretty, rustic cottage, cows in front of the terrace and a fire place to linger. First, enjoy the view, the expanse, out of the narrow valley. This is already a lot. Butterflies, cowbells, mountain meadows covered with flowers - Kitsch pure. But I think I can find it here - my Alpine happiness.

Alpenglück for home is currently in the 30% action, while stocks last.

Your Aquapresén Team



Smooth Eye

Hot sand under the feet, the sound of the waves in the ear mixed with the hottest beats and a cool drink in the hand. The beach party is running, one would say. Until the deep night or better the early morning. DJ's, great people in holiday mood, warm sea air, so you can turn the night to the day. If you wouldn’t  have the brunch date the next morning at the beach club. How should one look fresh again? How can you be so quickly from the crushed Shar-Pei to the ,,Glattaal”? Well, do not think about it for long, just enjoy the moment. According to the motto: dancing as if no one is watching. Because they  all look on their smartphones;)

The first sunlight slowly breaks out behind the horizon, once again letting the divinity of nature be seen. The last Partypeople stroll along the promenade to their hotels, merchants evict their goods and fishermen enter the port. I'm also right in my room. Just drop it on the bed, then the alarm clock goes again. With Kandahar showers makes me a little more lively but what do I see in the mirror? Tear-bags as far as the elasticity of the skin. Oh hurt, this will not look so chic at the brunch and always wear the sunglasses has somehow also rude. Time to look in the bag what else I have there. Ta ta ta taaaa: Zauberstern Slow-Wrinkle Eye Fluid. With organic barley water, organic green tea extract, hyaluron and naturally activated water and many other plants. Luckily, I ordered that in the action at Aquapresén.

Fresh and lively with glamorous radiant eyes, I enjoy the brunch in the trendy beach club with a view of the cool water.

A magical holiday, your Aquapresen Team




The Peaceful

There it splashes peacefully, the small waters at the edge of the road. The sun makes it sparkle as it sends its warm rays through the leaves of the lateral trees. A light green, glittering color play on the water surface. In addition, the fresh, pleasant air in the early morning, this is pure relaxation.
I get off the bike and sit down briefly on a bench at the brook to enjoy the moment before the work starts. A couple of times deep in and out breathing, feel the sun on the face, a bottle activator, "The Peaceful" for healthy refreshment, and then goes to the office. Aquapresén has launched new drinking water based on activated water on the market. "The peaceful" is without carbonic acid in practical 200 ml containers and can be purchased as a 14 day cure online. The benefits of the activated water knows everyone, the Aquapresén recipes are all based on it and do not find otherwise so great in the case of the buyer. Now finally for oral intake, we have all been waiting for it. With excellent results in laboratory tests, the activator convinces with its high quality, as can be seen from the Aquapresén website.

Now I try it out and must say, the taste convinced me already. And maybe I'll be a bit fitter on my next morning bike ride;)

Your Aquapresén Team















Sprinkling Cake

Whether on holiday abroad or at home on balcony, when the sun shines, it does not hold any more. Everyone let’s the sun shine on the fur and sweating before itself. It is good to flood the body with the warm light but caution: Without sun protection can be dangerous. Either way, there are lots of people, maybe you also belong to the sunbathing, like a sprinkling cake. Due to the strong radiation, pustules form on the neckline, the face and also the rest of the adonis body. Just a sprinkling cake. Not the delicious of grandma. In order to support the skin, if it is already too late, you can spray the Swiss Liquid onto the affected areas of the skin and also apply the Quell Gel and dab a little. Through the base, the activated water, the skin can soothe itself. To have a nice sunbath, you should pay attention to the right care. Afterwards is as important as before, so you get 30% discount on the Swiss Liquid Set and the Quell Gel. Only while supplies last. And now, off into the sun ...

 Your Aquapresén Team






Here in the office is quite something going on. A sneeze and a snivel, red eyes wherever you look. It is almost like a zombie apocalypse. No, this is not because it’s the end of the week and everyone is waiting for weekend urgently. Here the hay fever has broken out. Well, now all the hay fever patients have ordered the HNO Set. Nose and ear spray alternating with an HNO Liquid inhalation. How it works? Just at the pharmacy around the corner get a cold-evaporating inhalation device, fill in HNO Liquid and start. Deep inhaling and exhaling, relax and soothe the body. And in no time the pollen can not have much more to you. We are already in action here, the office is more like a hospital. But now good, the main Monday are all fit again.

Weekend greetings, your Aquapresen Team








When the pollen flies...

Well, it's itching? Burning? Are you feeling sleepy and tired, your eyes are itching and your nose is running?

Hay fever affects many people annually anew. The summer is to be the most beautiful time of the year turns out to be but then as a nightmare.

There are many ways to fight allergies, both chemically and naturally.

In order to alleviate the symptoms, you can try the HNO Liquid as a set by Aquapresén. Because to have a ,,Schniefnase” the whole summer isn’t that nice. One is limp, always cleaning the nose and the eyes can only be seen through the swellings. If you also look like Klitschko after his last boxing match and you already have shares of the tissue facturer, then visit our shop and get only for a short time the HNO set and the HNO refill bottle at a preferential price.

Your Aquapresén Team



Pool Party

We horsemen know this: soon it is warm, we are standing in line at the washing place. All want to wash their horses and ponies off the mud, have a cooling down or have a tournament and have to appear flashy. The stable owner only shakes his head, he thinks of his water bill. But honestly, who does not even want to wash his horse properly and cool down the legs after riding. So go to the hose, but beware:

Please do not just splash. If you are totally heated and sweaty and then jump into an ice-cold pool, oh my goodness, the circulation will be happy. So slowly and carefully (with not ice-cold water) the hind legs start from the bottom up, then the front legs and slowly work over the remaining body up to the neck. Especially the back, the kidneys are sensitive so ran it slow and do not immediately pour on a totally heated horse cold water. Soak mane, tail and body with the Animal's Blue Active Shampoo soap and then thoroughly rinse. Please do not let anything come into the eyes. Here, too, proceed with empathy. If your horse or pony flounder, ask how you feel under the cold shower ...

Well, be off the beaten track into the sun and let it dry, we do not want to risk a tense back.

For the same time, we offer you a 30% discount on Animal's Blue active shampoo based on activated water, with lime blossom extract for sensitive skin and summery, delicious papayas. Have fun with the next pool party.

Greetings, your Aquapresén Team







Mother's Day is already at the door again and if you are also under the year nice to your mum, so you put especially on this day value on it. Flowers, a nice letter, an invitation to coffee and cake or as we did as children: a voucher for five times vacuum cleaning and breakfast to the bed. It is very important to me to emphasize that we all have only one parent, so we should not waste our time with arguing. At some point we wish we could talk to our mothers and fathers. Now, whatever leads to disputes, think about whether it is worth to ignore your parents. There are, of course, terrible things that parents can do, but on the whole we argue because of nothing.

Was your mom embarrassing, did your father offend the new girlfriend, let they get divorced, do you feel retarded, not understood, and not loved? Can you know that your parents think about you, what do you suppose? No, no one knows what another thinks and it is more than presuming to assert that so speak to your parents and get the family idyll back in order. Because time is limited, at least on this planet. And nothing is worse than to regret something you have not done than the things you have done. Even if this now sounds like a gift book, it’s the truth. Ask yourself how you feel when you sit at your veranda in the rocking chair at 80 and look back on your life. Do you regret having talked to your Mutti, or do you regret having never spoken to them anymore, because of something you can not remember as grandma anymore?

So, let’s go home, squeeze the mom and keep her in honor.

Happy Mother's Day, your Aquapresen Team



Bling, Bling water crystals

Who has not caught snowflakes as a child? These beautiful crystals, frozen water that turns into the most beautiful stars and let us guess the complexity of nature. How fascinating it was, seeing them hovering down lying in the hand for a moment, then disappearing in infinity, as if this beauty had never existed. Ok, who caught her with the tongue has probably never seen the great patterns, but I'm sure one or the other knows to appreciate this wonder of nature.

The crystals of our activated water are just as similar, just super cool. Not every water forms such beautiful structures. It has to do with the oscillation among other things. Thus very clean water can not form as beautiful crystals as, for example, the river Ganges. Such a dirty water, how can it be? The prayers and everything that people there formulate, positive wishes, etc. manifest themselves in the energy, it is all energy. This is nothing new. If you can read it well in the book "The Law of Resonance" by Pierre Franckh. So now, this opaque, not very bathing river, forms such beautiful water crystals and many other historical waters as well. Therefore, we are especially proud that our (clean) activated water has conjured up such motifs and proves once again how valuable it is. Thanks to Hado Life and Dipl. Ing. Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, who sits in his ice cold laboratory and is waiting for Mother Nature to get a perfect shot. Definitely, our water crystals would also get a photo of Heidi.

And to celebrate our pride, we pay another 30% discount on the Swiss Liquid refill bottle 500 ml this week.

Bling Bling Greetings, your Aquapresén Team



Herbal mud and goose foot

Walpurgis Night…

... and it's time again. In near and far, the witches are ready. The brooms, fresh and richly tied, hurry, are only a few hours. They dance, sing, whisper their sayings, mystic smells pass through the forest and the corridor. Surrounded by blocks, chunks, small hills, for the witch reins are released. A nice dance in the May for all of you!

© Hexenkessel

Bibi Blocksberg is probably the most famous little witch in German-speaking countries. With her mashed potatoe-broom, she runs from adventure to adventure and is always accompanied by Karla Kolumna. Every now and then she and Tina and Sabrina ride over the top and the stone, they hunt in the wind, they ride fast because they are friends. Blocksberg is also the legendary mountain (Brocken) where the witches once a year hold their big meeting. Witch party so to say. The drinks against the warts are now no longer based on frog munch chicken potion, but on Swiss Liquid. And while the witches dance around the fire, we do the same in dancing in the May of many places. Set up the maypole, guard it, and make for our beloved one May. The Walpurgis Night is derived from the abbess Walpurga, in whose honor May 1 was celebrated. Either way, we wish you a nice dance in May and take good care of you.

Witchy greetings to your Aquapresén Team

(Swiss Liquid 500 ml refill bottle only for a short time in action.)



Ice Age

There it is again. Let it snow. One day after the Easter weekend, one would like to cuddle on the sofa under the blanket, watch ,,Home Alone”, drink mulled wine and eat speculatius. But hey, do not worry, after the summer holidays, there are again Christmas baking at Aldi, Coop and Co.

You, as hard-boiled, were you skiing again at Easter? Well, now there's been nice snow again. And to keep you fit and at the end of the season, we will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the Marc Girardelli Worldcup muscle and joint care series.

Lauberhorn Muscle Balm, Streif Cooling Gel and Kandahar Shower Gel, the products do not carry the names of the legendary ski races for nothing. Marc Girardelli was more than successful there and he knows what pain is. Because these 3 classics are not only for skiers and athletes, but also for you and me, with tense neck, stiff back and aching legs. Hit now and profit only for a short time from the favorable introductory price.

Icy Greetings, your Aquapresén Team



Spring cleaning with the Easter bunny

Every year we enjoy the sprouting nature that seems to explode in the first rays of the sun after the winter. And then they come back again: the filthy windows. Beautiful when the sun is shining directly on the windows  and now you simply have no more excuses. So come on start the spring cleaning. This applies to body, mind and soul as well as to the household. Windows, garden seats, kitchens, car, duvets, fridge and everything else there is. It is scrubbed and vented, rinsed and carcassed. When the family comes to Easter brunch, everything must look beautiful. And honestly, do not you feel more comfortable when everything is really dribbled? So I think it is such a liberating feeling. You are not saying in vain as in the interior so in the outside and vice versa. The Easter Bunny and we wish you a very nice spring with a relaxing Easter festival, many colorful eggs and to clean your skin the Almrausch Active Hand Foam and the Alpenglück Active Skin Peeling. Only for a short time to an Easter discount of 30%.

Easter Greetings, your Aquapresén Team








Wiiiiiiiiheeeeeeer is the circus

If you need treats, food, hayball, stick, blankets or a Cowboyhat, it’s all there. The Equitana is the world's largest horse sport fair and takes place every 2 years in Essen / NRW. For pony riders, dressage queens, jumpers and stable riders for the leisure, sports and Western riders, in the 12 exhibition halls there is something for everyone. And if only there was something to eat on the giant food-mile. Trailers, trucks, riding arenas and stables are, of course, just as much a part of the veterinary training and the various demonstrations in the individual rings. The highlight is also the Hop Top Show, Ingrid Klimke and Pat Parelli Live and other evening events of renowned instructors. Saddlery, Farrier and we, Aquapresén, all present their innovations, innovations and novelties. We are a guest in Hall 1 and present our exclusive animal care series on stand B30, how could it be different, activated water. We can not explain all this you know how it works. We are tying up here, no blankets, but great contacts. With traders, future traders, Katie and Plätie, Frau von und zu and Mr. Springmeister. And what is striking? How much need is there. Everyone has a problem with which he wants to try the Active Liquid.

The horse people respect the naturalness, they are also very responsible through their partner horse. Well, now I'll finish, because the aftermath of the Equitana have begun and after the fair is known before the fair. Conclusion: Nice, we were allowed to be there.

Greetings, your Aquapresén Team



Herb Garden

The Lauberhorn muscle and joint balm has a long tradition and was originally based on the formula of the Flex muscle balm, which was formerly available in nature pharmacies against rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Together with  Marc Girardelli, this formula was further developed, because if one knows what it means to have pain, then he. With over 18 surgeries, endless rehabilitation, subsequent problems and much more. Marc can easily understand the suffering of other oppressed. Now, what makes this product one of your favorites? Apart from the activated water, you could say that you are using a herb garden. Whether rosemary, thyme, wintergreen oil, broccoli seed oil, aniseed, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender or arnica, all these herbs and oils have been heretofore hereditary in herbal remedies. And what our grandmothers have already applied can not have been so bad.
Thyme, for example, is a very popular kitchen herb, which is also used for respiratory problems. It is easy to grow, relatively unpretentious in the care, tastes good and unfolds as an essential oil its full effectiveness.
Lavender, this beautiful plant that always reminds us of the fields in France, you certainly know it too. With its soothing radiance and antibacterial effect, lavender also provides relief for rheumatic complaints. By the way, lavender can also be popular with gourmets.
Arnica. If you know a little about homeopathy, or if you have injured yourself as a child and your mother has provided first aid with arnica, then you will certainly appreciate this yellow flower as much as we do. For centuries it has been shown in a variety of conditions such as muscle and joint problems, bruises, injuries, soothing, etc. Can I plant this little all-rounder in my garden? You can try it, because it is actually in valleys, but once you have done it (preferably acid soils), then Arnica is relatively easy to satisfy.
We could go on forever, there is an infinite amount of information about herbs and their healing effects, how to grow them and use them in the kitchen. We are thrilled to have a whole herbal garden united in a single product and wish you a lot of fun to try the Marc Girardelli Lauberhorn muscle balm at the current price.

Your Aquapresén Team



Sad Faces

Ash-Wednesday is over and in Cologne and other cities you meet a bunch of sad faces. Well, the alcohol will have contributed to the rest of the season, but the end of the 5th season will give headaches to most of the people. All the work on the wagons, costumes, choreographies, speeches, etc., so long they have been prepared for it and now it is over again. But after carnival is before carnival and the 11.11. is determined.

Now we are looking forward to spring, prepare the garden, the beach body, the summer vacation and what else there is. When the crocuses and other spring blossoms once again see the light of the world, one knows that there is much to do. Also the herbs need slow care again. Marjoran, yarrow and ginger as a tea poured with some honey can, by the way, expel the Ash-Wednesdays –headache and so hopefully lift the mood again. We hope you have looked out for the session and will be able to deal with the home medicine. Now the fasting is going again, what do you think of it?

By the way: Our office puppy has actually already tested the Pet's Blue Shampoo (does not come so well to run through a fertilized field) and has found it to be good. Only the water to it, he found superfluous.

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Hatschi, sun is tickling

The first rays of the sun tickle the nose, snowdrops pave their way to the surface and the birds are busy telling concerts. On one or other day are spring feelings and you are almost tempted to start the barbecue;) Have you been one of the first this year? We are not in barbecue mood yet but the happiness about the bright colors, the increased warmth and the annual awakening of Mother Nature is already great. In spring it is time for a proper house cleaning, clearing out all old stuff, detoxifying the liver, gym visits because of  "oh oh it’s beach season soon" . Also the garden already is prepared on its chocolate side (summer). Not that Neighbor's garden looks better again ...

So there is a lot to be done and so you can go through it so well, do not forget to order a Bergkristall Active Deo in the webshop. Without aluminum and animal experiments, of course. Speaking of animal experiments: A puppy has moved into our office. In due time and after proper mud baths, he will take a look at the dog shampoo from Pet`s Blue.

Your Aquapresén Team



Strawberries, Champagne, Diamonds

It's already time again. The roses suppliers have high season, the chocolates manufacturers drown in chocolate and the jewelers close their safes. Valentine's Day is at the door. I can see them in front of me, the lovers in the parks on their picnic blankets and feeding each other with strawberries. Ok, ok this is a bit exaggerated, especially when you consider that it is not particularly warm in our latitudes in February. But the romantics among you, will think of something beautiful. Maybe one night in the igloo or a nice wellness hotel. If you do not have time to start a spa trip, you can also visit the AquapresénFital Life Balance Center. Massages, cosmetics, yoga. Everything you need for de-stressing days. In the evening a candlelight dinner in a noble restaurant with presents for the dearest. Slim Alpin Bodylotion or the exclusive Slow-Wrinkle Eye Fluid. Wonderful products. Mmmh, if the heart lady should get into the wrong neck, and I do not mean that she swallows the ring in the champagne glass, then you get a discount from the Gletscher Cooling Gel. You will need it;) There are, of course, many beautiful gift ideas to celebrate the Valentines Day and show the soulpartners his love, away from everyday life.

(After too much gagging you can use the SoftKiss Active Lipgloss.)

Have a nice day, your Aquapresén Team






The final gift ideas

Today we have all rattled off. With all our strength, we have put the magical Christmas bag into the sleds, elves, angels and reindeers. There is so much in it, for people all over the world. This is, by the way, very nice when you can be part of  Christmas Eve and see the earth from the outside.
As small as all the problems of mankind occur, amazing.
But sometimes such a look from the outside just does quite well. Well, anyway, we were all tired. Our backs groaned and cracked, the feet were burning and the knees hanging through. How nice that we have our own NordpolFital Life Balance Center in the Christmas Village and can spoil us. Only satisfied, healthy imps and elves are motivated employees. Father Frost said this.

So we have the angels beautifully kneed the back. This can be particularly good. They also care about the dough for the cookies. And it is always very fluffy. So my back felt afterwards, what a pleasure. Not least because they use the Flex Muscle Balm which I touched with my elf colleagues. Over 16 different herbs such as Arnica, the activated water and other plant substances let the muscles breathe. As we breathed, when the sack was finally in the sleigh. If you are working as much as you can, we recommend that you send a quick delivery to the North Pole, so that on Christmas Eve the relaxing fragrance of the Flex Muscle Balm can mix with the Christmas biscuits ...

Your Aquapresén Christmas elf



Gift ideas of North Pole Life Balance Center

As I mentioned recently, we have a lot going on at the moment. Not just the usual Christmas shop, no, we are opening a North Pole souvenir shop and organizing the annual press conference for Christmas elf-journalists. Phew, and all this before Christmas. But luckily I was able to conceal my fatigue by the magical Slow-Wrinkle Eye Fluid. Now I've freed myself but an hour in the snowchaos and slipped into our NordpolFital Life Balance Center. There Dita Salzger, our cosmetics pro, received me. It is a good thing that Santa Clause takes care of our well-being. In spite of all the stress, he tries to make small rest breaks. Well, now I am with Dita and getting  a beautiful facial treatment. Of course she works with the products we produce in the Christmas department for natural cosmetics. Something else nice is that it cleans the skin not conventional, but with a hydrodermabrasion machine. So the skin is deep-cleaned and does not look like an old date. Oh, wonderful, such a benefit for the skin and for the soul. Would not that be something for your loved one? Give yourself the most precious thing: time for yourself. With a voucher from our Vitalcenter.

Your Aquapresén Christmas elf



Gift ideas on St. Nicolaus

Oh man you just reigns really high season in my business. Wrapping paper here, tinsel, nutcracker there, cookies everywhere. And I in the middle, among hundreds of other Christmas elfs. But as head of the Department of Natural Cosmetics, I must, of course, keep an overview. I do not always succeed, especially in this hectic phase, where everything is still packed and has to be loaded into the magical gift bag. If I get too colorful, I'll visit Rudolph and his family. This is always quite nice even if they are already mentally preparing for the most strenuous night of the year and also like sportsmen soon turn their tunnel vision on.
However, recently was such a stressful day, halleluja, I tell you, it went on and over. There are still a few special orders come and then it is of course even more overtime push. The next morning I looked as crumpled as an English Bulldog but luckily I have developed this year together with my cosmetics something new: Slow-Wrinkle Eye Fluid.

A gel for the skin around the eyes, with hyaluron, organic barley water and organic green tea extract. This is something very special, of course also on the basis of activated water. If you want to give something exclusive, precious, I can only recommend you to write it quickly to your wish list. I no longer looked like a bulldog, like a king's poodle.

Your Aquapresén Christmas elf



Gift ides from Christmas elf 2

Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right job. Do you have doubts? I love the Christmas workshop and my post as a leading impostor of the natural cosmetics department but is there not more for me? The best thing to do is go to NordpolFital Life Balance Center and ask Daniela Maiwald. She creates personality profiles and supports us with Santa Clause's help in finding the right department and vocation. Is really very exciting as she does it and what points are dealt there:

- Determination of the position by determining individual talents, strengths and challenges.

- Optimizing the personal potential through the targeted use of talent and deliberate conflict with challenges.

- Performance enhancement by localizing the natural abilities.

- Extending consciousness by understanding subliminal imprints and behavioral patterns.

- Recognize the chances of life through insight into one's own personality structure.

- Recognizing personal life as the key to happiness.

- Identify key areas in which you want to develop further.

- Set goals by applying the existing gifted potential.


I know now that I am in the natural cosmetics department is just right but should make something creative. Now I will get more into the paper & loops department and spread glitter and glamor. What about you and your family? That would be a super Christmas gift: A voucher for the creation of the personality profile in our Vitalcenter. What are you waiting for?

Your Aquapresén Christmas elf



Gift ideas from Christmas elf

It's so cold that my lip has cracked. This really hurts. You know, of course. I have to go to this Christmas reception for leading elfs of the Santa Claus workshop. As the person responsible for natural cosmetics, I have to see myself there. But as? Mmmh, what am I doing now? I quickly fly into my workshop department and try something else. No, this does not work but if I give something from here and a bit of it? Yes, that could work. Apply quickly and ...
… Perfect. This is what I call "SoftKiss Active Lip Gloss". A mixture of lip care with whey and beeswax and decorative cosmetics. Just the right thing to make a good impression tonight.

Are you looking for a gift? So, if it is a good thing tonight, you will surely find it under your Christmas tree.

Your Aquapresén Christmas elf





Schnief, Nies, Hust

Last but not least 20 degrees thanks to the warm storm and suddenly snow and bitter cold. No wonder I'm already nibbling. The body can not adjust to anything. Our animals are no different. First, the horses in the stall lose winter fur so you could knit a sweater from it and then it has become so cold that they rattle with their teeth. Now it is just so. You can only arm yourself with enough vitamins and minerals. Most of the vitamin preparations that are available for the body are unfortunately only poorly implementable and not bioavailable, so not really helpful. But there are also other products, best one leaves oneself there from your homeopathic or similar. Advice and information on the Internet.

Smoothies and delicious vegetable soups are also always good and much hot lemon juice drink. There is a lot of what nature gives us to strengthen the immune system, and if we pay attention to our spiritual well-being, we should be well in the autumn and winter. I can only recommend the Aquapresén HNO Liquid Set. Gargle and rinse with throat pain, nose and ear spray for the blocked veins. Pure natural and without side effects. Many customers have already achieved great success with it.

By the way, you can now buy our products at the DROPA Ambauen in Klosters. And do not forget: In the Aquapresén-Onlineshop you get the Flex muscle balsam in the autumn action.

Get well,

Your Aquapresén Team



Hui Buh

To match Halloween we had a bat in our camp (no joke). The little one has probably strayed. One of our employees then took her outside, where she flew away. Bats are extremely exciting animals around which many myths have sprung. The most widespread is probably the fact that they turn into  Dracula personally. Already practical for such a vampire, who is never in the traffic jam on the way to the next victim. But apparently there are actually blood-sucking bat species. Perhaps, in the Dracula story, what is true? Tonight, when it is dark and the children move from house to house and say "trick or treat", we will see which bats have mixed with the people. And maybe one or the other turns into  Dracula.
Where the dread about Dracula comes from? He was notorious for letting his opponents be piled, so he was quite a brutal. Today, vampires always come so romantic and charming, are sobered by Hollywood. Well, I do not want to meet a vampire after the customer last year (Halloween blog 2015).

Happy Halloween and a creepy beautiful night,

Your Aquapresén Team







Indian Summer

Wasn’t that a dream autumn weekend? I can only ever again marvel at this color splendor and the change of nature. When hiking in the mountains, one can admire especially this powerful yellow, orange and red. If then the sky shines in deepest blue and the sun glistens in the mountain streams, one can really only be humble. If you start such an autumn migration in the early morning hours, the dew still encircles the blade of grass and the air is cool and clear, you really come to rest. A treat for body and mind. Overhead and stone, past the last grazing cows, before returning to the stable, through leaf roofs, on narrow paths until you can return to a beautiful mountain inn at noon and enjoy the suns on the terrace. Spoiled with Rösti and an old plum schnapps, then the return journey can be tackled comfortably. Along rivers and squirrels one reaches exhausted but happy again the valley, what a great feeling. Now, however, fast into the hot Alpentherme herbal bath and then with the FLEX muscle balm so as to do the required muscles and joints something good.

The FLEX muscle balm is currently available in the autumn campaign for only 20.80, - instead of 26.00, -.

Your Aquapresén Team



The world is upside down

The world is upside down. War here, bombings there, presidential elections there, intrigues everywhere. How is it going on? How to behave? Create a supply for the case of the cases, close the eyes or buy a ticket to Mars? Everywhere fear and fright are spread. In the news, on the radio, on the social media channels, and on coffee with Granny. The Worldelite lies, steals, kills, plunges the world into chaos and manipulates masses. Why do we like that? What can not be, can’t be? Do we rather look away again and let it go over us and hope for better weather? Oh yes, the weather have the synonymous in the hand. So, how should one behave? The more energy we invest in the bad, by caring, compassion, and living in fear, the more the negative lines are manifested. This does not mean that you are not informed, turn away or keep your mouth shut. It is important to finally see clearly, to take over responsibility and take the initiative but not in the negative anxiety. But, as banal as it may sound, in love. Not the love of partnership. The unconditional, non-evaluative, all-accepting love. The love by which one comes to the original state, to the absolute rest, in which it is possible to achieve everything, to manifest. Yes,  Miss Universe. Nobody knows the ultimate solution but nevertheless, love can not be the worst answer. Positive energy emanate, not to be confused with rosary glasses, has universal effect and affects the whole planet. If we try it all for us, it will be a change soon. The current chaos shakes us awake and hopefully paves the way for the good. We have some trust and surround us with cheerful people, beautiful things, good music, nourishing food and all that increases our vibration. Let us hold together and rebel against those who are in deficient thinking and believe that they can be realized through unsightly power. I do not have yet to go to Mars!

And to relax: get some candles, soothe music and have a hot Alpentherme herbal bath.

Your Aquapresén Team



Summer, Sun, Beach and Sunburn

Gorgeous to lie on the beach in the sun and let all the worries burn away from the sun. But now it's getting too hot, I'm going to cool down into the sea. Wonderful this refreshment on the skin, the ease when hovering in salt water. Is there anything more beautiful?! After a few rounds through the shallow waves, I return to my couch crawl under the umbrella and dedicate myself to my beach. Divine. But also the most beautiful beach day has an end, so I return to my hotel after the sunset, which I still enjoy at the sea, to prepare me for dinner. No sooner am I in the bathroom to take the salt from the skin to shower I see frightened my reflection. No, not because the rural cuisine tastes so good, but because I am cancer red and pimples all over me. How could I not notice that? Have I underestimated the power of the sun by the pleasant wind? I have cupped myself? Well, now I can not change it, but I can definitely not in the output. I through my suitcase, whether I have not taken anything, After Sun does not help now synonymous. Luckily, I still have Swiss Liquid and Quell gel. Well, I thought there before my departure.
Quickly I spray from head to toe with liquid and dab the pustules with the Quell gel. Immediately the itching and the burning release, it’s simply so well on the irritated skin. I repeat that a few times, until I have to go to dinner. But my request landed well in God's ear, because my skin recovered quickly and I could enjoy the evening to the fullest. The next day my normal skin feeling was back and I was able to finish the holiday relaxed.

Please take care to use suitable sun protection and not to put the skin into such a situation.

Your Aquapresén Team










Red cabbage and wedding dresses

The wedding season is in full swing. Quite exhausting to organize everything. The seating arrangement (which one has to separate), the food (buffet or menu), bridesmaid outfits, color scheme, bridal bouquet, carriage or car, live music or DJ, wedding shower in the classical sense or modern bachelorette party, wedding dress and groom suit, where are the honeymoon, flowers, decoration, cans on the car, rice throwing or blowing bubbles, flower girls, church or office ...? There are infinitely many decisions to make from the invitation to the fireworks. And when the day is here, it is really just the other part of his heart to swear eternal fidelity and love, in good times as well as in bad times. Sure, it is hoped that the wedding stalls will not sail from the kitchen, the soup is hot and the uncle does not bring back the duck dance but all in all, on this day only the 2 hearts are important to become one. But what happens when the 2 hearts get apart? So after 10, 15 years is the love gone and you are only yelling at each other, if one speaks at all. Do you give up, you fight? Why did they choose marriage and oath? That had a reason. Today we live in a society of displacement. The mobile phones hold a maximum of 2 years and instead of being repaired, they are simply replaced. It is the same with everything else. What does not work is exchanged. Whether it is devices, animals or humans, there are hardly any differences. Is not it worth to patch something? What is the name of the film Seabiscuit? "You do not throw a whole life away just because it's a bit damaged." This is true for marriage, too? Ok, there are certain situations as there is no other way but there are certainly many situations in which one could have bitten through. Ultimately, all the couples have to decide for themselves. Let us hope that everyone who is in this wedding season will give the joke, endure and lead a happy life. We would like to wish all our guests a wonderful, unforgettable holiday. And if the ,,pimple alert” beats the wedding mornings, Swiss Liquid and Quell Gel try out.

(Many Aquapresén products are perfect for the wedding preparations, because with all the stress one should also do something good: Slim Alpin Bodylotion, Almhit Double-Power Hair Shampoo, Sennhit Hair Balm, Alpentherme Herbal Bath, Slow Aging Day Cream, Alpenglück Active Skin Peeling, Swiss Liquid, Gletscher Cooling Gel, Soft Kiss Active Lip Gloss and Bergskristall Active Deo.)

And they lived happily ever after.

Your Aquapresén Team



Let’s go to the south – without problems

It is hardly believed, but it is actually not far to the summer start. You are not happy? Oh, you suffer from rashes when the sun is stronger. This is very unpleasant and takes of course any pleasure in the sun bathing (sun protection, grease-free not forgotten). Each year you are plagued with it and you really miss the holiday? Please try Aquapresén Swiss Liquid. Many of our customers report that they have helped you. Have you got your travel apothecary together? We pack in our suitcase always Swiss Liquid, Glacier Cooling Gel, Alpinadent Active Dental Care, Bergkristall Aktiv Deo, Slow Aging Day Cream, Alpenkult Active Bodylotion, Alpenglück Active skin peeling, alpine flight shower gel, Almhit double-strength hair shampoo and Sennhit hairbalsam. In addition, we still take Arnica, Apis and something against headaches. Of course, paving is also a must. And a good book can avoid so many holiday stress;) Where is it going this year? Spain, Italy, Denmark or rather balcony? Write to us your favorite travel destination, why you would like to go there and which aquapresen you would like to take with you.
With a little bit of luck and originality, the best product (until 20.06.2016) wins the favorite product for the coming holiday season.

Please write to with the subject: Favorite product.

Your Aquapresén Team



Spring awake: Disposal, spring cleaning, garden care

Oh, how beautiful it is to see the first buds and flowers on the plants, to inhale the fresh, warm air, to sit also in the sun and to look at the dandelion. It is time to take up the annual spring cleaning, to detoxify the liver as in other seasons, and to do some work in the garden. After the long dark season we are again full of action and want to get rid of the dirt of winter, create new and move. If you have taken the spring fatigue you could try to detoxify your liver with naturopathic remedies. For example, Mariendistel, Löwenzahn, Artichoke, Chelledonium, etc., because at all transitions into a new season, our liver may need some support. And now, in the spring, which according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) belongs to the wood element (which is among other things also for work-readiness, awakening, departure) one can also do something in addition to the liver for the gall bladder. Massage the corresponding meridian and also take natural remedies. In the garden there is now also a lot to do. But be careful: April, April he does what he wants. A lot of nice, sunny weather and then again the mood and even frost. The beds have to be prepared, faded flowers removed, perennials planted and also cuttings belong to it. With all the work in the spring do not forget to do something good for yourself. Liver and bile care, relaxation exercises and beautiful walks for the soul and a high-quality body care for example in the form of the Aquapresén hand cream Slow Aging for the external well-being.

Enjoy the spring and the awakening of nature,

Your Aquapresén Team



Hopping, hopping bunny

Already painted Easter eggs? Hiding places hidden? The Easter bunny costume is ironed? Put the lamb cake in the oven? The first flowers have already fought their way to the earth's surface, the sun is getting through more and more often, and the temperatures rise slowly. Isn’t it nice if you can slowly enjoy the time outside in the sun? Especially at Easter you are happy again about the colorful colors after the long winter. We Aquapresénler like to brunch usually in the circle of our family at Easter. What are you doing? Do you go on vacation, do you visit relatives or enjoy the quiet time alone? If we look back on the Christian origin, Easter is also the time to remember, that we can achieve everything we really want, that we can lead the life we want, because nothing is limited. We are completely free in our being and doing. Beyond the Easter brunches, the Easter Egg seeking and the feasts, let us also be clear about the time, what we really want. What are our strengths, how do we reach our goals? Let us think about a solution-oriented approach instead of worrying and anxiety. And even if you cannot do anything with the Easter story and just enjoy the free time, so a little meditation about your own doing is not bad ...

We Aquapresenler wish you a wonderful and relaxing Easter day, enjoy the joyful, colorful awakening of the spring and do not forget your eggs in the garden, otherwise it will stink.

Your Aquapresén Team



Beach Body

Beach bodies are made in winter, so you say or ?! But what if I can’t get rid of the whole diet and fitness regulations at all? How can I still manage to achieve a healthy body and a figure with which I feel really comfortable? Mind and body play an important role in the combination. The body now needs healthy food and nutrients, training and lots of water. But how I translate this is all a question of my mind.
I love pasta, hearty dishes, Nutella, ice cream, cola and chocolate, but I also know that it does not harm my gut, skin, mind or any other area of my body. But why do we love all these things? What do we try to balance, to suppress, what do we draw from it? What does advertising for the food industry suggest? The commercials with happy people who have just eaten a burger, pizza or cake are running up and down the TV. When I drink cola I have many friends, am brave, self-confident and popular. Give joy, it is. These marketing specialists are truly geniuses with first-class psychological knowledge. All of this is subconscious, so I can also influence my eating habits positively, as the advertising is negative. Because we are honest, this harms our body in the long run, especially if we feed only one-sidedly in this direction. Well, what can I do to help me change my life positively? This is not only important for my diet and exercise, but also for all other aspects of my life. I have to accept myself as I am and this is probably the most challenging aspect. But only then I come into a calm state and can still work with hypnosis, NLP and other therapeutic methods. It is very interesting to use the AK strategy®, which, if used correctly and consistently, helps to improve life sustainably and permanently and also to work on the topics why I have grown at all and thus to arrive at a lasting solution. If they have the desire for a different look, first clarify why it has come at all and work on it. So you will probably find it much easier to practice sports and it will be easier for you to eat balanced. (The Slim Alpin Bodylotion helps a bit.)

Good luck with your change process, you can do this.

Your Aquapresén Team



Green and Blue

Oh man, because it has really torn me. The other day I was skiing, because a great pike breasts in me. He would rather have visited the ski school, instead of super fast profiski to buy. Just as the people are always reverberating, not looking, ruthless, pretending ... I'm on the mountain, not on the run. So honestly. Fortunately I had a helmet on and a few guardian angels were probably still there. I am "just" green and blue all over my body. God be drummed and whistled, I sit directly at the source for Flex muscle balm and Gletscher Cooling Gel. This was my salvation since I used the products before and after the sport. This, of course, protects against muscle and joint pain. I wish I had a bathtub, then I would probably sleep in the Alpentherme herbal bath but so must the Alpenflug shower gel stop. This has supported my muscles pretty well, so I want to go back to the slopes soon. But please, please, everyone fits well on you and always synonymous with the others with. A ski day should be unforgettable, because it was so great and not because of injuries.

In this sense, Ski heil.

Your Aquapresén Team





The fact that the day of the lovers celebrated on February 14th is not an invention of the American flower industry is probably the least known. Supposedly, this originally Christian memorial day goes back to a martyr named Valentin (us). Through English the custom came to give his sweetheart something, or to express her love first, then to America and became there one of the most important days of the year. Red roses are supposed to rain, chocolates bring blessings and a ring does not let the joy of tears sink. According to Americanlove films the perfect Valentine's Day should look like. How is that with you? Do you give your partner anything at all? So a super-luxurious Slim Bodylotion or day cream would delight your woman certainly;) Most importantly, it is important to spend time with each other, without thinking about every day life, that you can say everything, that you can be completely authentic in the other. Time to escape everyday life. But roses, pralines and rings can be given nevertheless  natural.

Happy Valentines Day,

Your Aquapresén Team


The 5th season

,,Uuund wenn et Trömmelche jeht,
dann stonn mer all parat
un mer trecke durch die Stadt
un jeder hätt jesaat
Kölle Alaaf, Alaaf-Kölle Alaaf“


This is the chorus of one of the most famous songs in Cologne Carnival. For Rheinländer, it is certainly a changeover when they hear for the first time the Guggenmusik of the Swiss Jecken. Most groups are really hard with their costumes and the selection of songs. Just like in Kölle, d`Fasnacht goes on 11.11. And you can also hear the Guggenmusik. To Altweiber one cuts the men in the Rhineland the necktie, which can be used in the school also good with the director;)) Rosenmontag but actually the largest moves take place and as in the Rhineland also, in Switzerland is properly thrown Kamelle. And do not forget the tasty Berliner and Fasnachtsküchle. Yummi. But I think the Swiss do not take Aschermittwoch so seriously, or just do not want the fifth season to be over, because they often take place after the end of the crazy days. One thing, however, is common to Jecken, whether Swiss, Rhinelanders or Brazilians: they all love their carnival, costumes, meetings, parties. They all invest their spare time in the preparations and they all live their customs. And when you wake up on Ash Wednesday with irritated skin, because you have made the streets unsafe for days as an avatar, you just keep up with Swiss Liquid.

In this sense, Helau and Alaaf.

Your Aquapresén Team




Although it melts again but one may still dream of the winter wonderland last week ... At last it snowed. I know, many of you are now saying that the snow should not have come now and that is just as stupid for driving. Sure, I`m dreaming of a white Christmas but it wasn’t white .So I'm glad that now just a little more real on the artificial snow of the ski resorts comes. Well, it's snowing now. Really nice, thick flakes. So comfortable. If you were now at home or in a rustic mountain lodge take place and let itself be entertained. Here in the office I can only dream of it. But on the weekend, I've made it hard to drive up into the mountains. A horse sled ride, that would be nice again. So, "Jingle Bells". Through deeply snowy forests, whiskers of the snowflakes whiskers, horses snort, bells ring, cool, fresh air. What more do you want. For safety, I also take the Beauty Kiss Lip Balm with, so that my lips do not tear in the cold. Beautifully muttered under tens of layers of blankets, with cap, gloves and scarf I cannot otherwise freeze. The trees can be hung under the snow masses quite nicely and then the few courageous birds that make their dancing on it ... Nice how one can admire the nature during such a sleigh ride and above all enjoy and feel at all. Do you see the beauty of the landscape here or is it completely submerged in everyday life? There we are already at the end of the horse carriage ride. The beautiful experiences always fly like in flight. I hope you enjoy your weekend and the beautiful nature.

Your Aquapresén Team


New Year's Eve Greetings

It is night, snow has fallen, absolute silence. The sky is stereotypical. Deeply inhale the fresh, cold air. Still is silence but immediately I go purely to the New Year's Eve party, I just want to say goodbye to the old year. What have you experienced this year? Altitude flights, destiny, births and losses? Much beautiful, unexpected happened, some setbacks were there. Now there is again a new chance to live the life I imagine. I will go to the stable for a while, because the animals can talk in the ravens, to which this night belongs. Of course you can always enjoy this magical moment. Before the big fireworks I give them Bachblüten, and then I have synonymous again. It is almost time. I do not want to miss the change and also miss my midnight kiss. But I almost ought to have done that. Cold Sore. Fortunately, I still had Aquapresén Swiss Liquid in the bathroom cabinet and this morning when I woke up it was gone. Pooh, lucky. Now there is nothing more in the way of a beautiful turn of the year. Make it 2015 and welcome 2016, I look forward to you.

And then it is synonymous again: Countdown start.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new yeeeeeeeeear!

All the best in the new year dear customers, you slide well but not out. (In this case, you can take the Flex;))

Your Aquapresén Team




Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
'Round yon virgin mother and child
Holy infant so tender and mild ( in German: gentle boy with curly hair)
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Gentle boy with curly hair? Or does the Christ child have  rather crinkled wool on his head this year? That does not make itself so good on the annual family photos, of course. Photobomb in the negative sense.

It's Christmas Eve, finally. I am standing in front of the living room door, waiting for the Christ child to finally ask, please ring the bell and let me in. I can already imagine how wonderful the Christmas tree this year shines again under all the ball and candle splendor and how good it smells. The crib below and above all the mountain of gifts. I can hardly keep it out of tension and try to catch a glance through the keyhole. But what do I see? The only thing I can see is crimped wool. Wool?
I thought the Christ child was at work. Mmh, what should I think of it now? Is this actually my mother? But what happened to her hair? Well, I secretly smuggled her an Aquapresén HAIRBALM under the tree. Only if the Christ child had forgotten it.

I hope she does not frighten it now and the Christ child will not come to us anymore. Panic is spreading, I want gifts. Yes, I know, Christmas is a lot more than gifts.

What is it for you?


Oh man, I must probably fall asleep at the desk briefly and dreamed of my Christmas memories. Beautiful was Christmas as a child, I will make this year so beautiful again. Mindful, quiet, festive, comfortable. I hope you will also spend nice Christmas and can show your angelhair thanks to the hair balm of Aquapresén.


Merry Christmas dear customers and a good time between the years.

Your Aquapresén team

(PS: Please tell us where and how you spend this year Christmas and whether Aquapresén products actually find their way under the Christmas tree ...)




Mistered again…

Haa-hahhaaa-haatschiii: Snort again, hardly it is winter I am a cold. The neck hurts, the nose runs, cough, sniffing, hoarseness as one says so beautifully. Is not really nice in reality, you know that yes. What do you do when you get it? So I use the HNO Liquid Set of Aquapresén, eat chicken soup, as my grandmother has brought it to me and take a cold-bath. I also cook a liter of water and add ginger. It heats the body so beautifully and lets all the bacteria and germs escape. Some also drink hot lemon or milk with honey. Milk with honey also sucks a bit, but the honey has an antibacterial effect. When coughing my mother made me potato wrap and in the case of fever, of course, calf wraps. How I hated these cold, wet rags. However, it was much more true, in which our grandmothers knew. As long as the fever is not too high and it could be really dangerous for small children or otherwise weakened people, I am not a fan of feverers. The body must have a fever to sweat everything. Literally. Otherwise, the gift can even favor the formation of cancer cells. I do not have a fever today, for example. Children often suffer from middle-ear infections, I belonged to them. Since I would have been glad to know that HNO Liquid Set already, that would have saved me so much antibiotic, pain and scarring. This has already greatly weakened my immune system but now I know how I can support my body. You also? Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

Your Aquapresén team

(If your doctor prescribes medicines and also febrile medication, please take it and do not understand our blog as medical advice!)




The sun is laughing at the blue sky and makes the white snow sparkle like "A girl`s best friend", like diamonds. Last night there was new snow, so off the train, into the gondola and up into the mountains. We could not wish for a better first skiing day this season. The excitement is rising, we have just arrived at the mountain station. The first time after a year back on the boards, I feel somewhat unsafe. No, you do not unleash it, but "a bissl stiff" one is already, gell;). Quickly get out and get into the hustle and bustle of all those who are snowing, trying to catch their skis. So, everything sits, fits, wags and has air, as one says so beautifully. Then go to the first lift so we can get up. Feels a bit shaky at first, but after a few meters I realize how easy it is to go again. A bit waiting on the lifts you  must at this dream day already but that is not worth mentioning. We just enjoy the day. Always something faster and faster and then still up on the summit. Was he always so steep? Well, then take all the courage and down, down into the valley. A madness day, it could not have been more beautiful, and all the bones have been preserved. But my muscles I now feel clearly, even where I have not thought muscles at all. Ouch. This will be a fun tomorrow. Although ... Oh, of course, I still have the Aquapresén FLEX, the super muscle balm. Then I do not have to worry about tomorrow's skiing day.


Ski heil, your Aquapresén Team.



From out of the forest I come ...

Have you already cleaned the boots, memorized a poem and tried to find the golden book of St. Nicholas? This is what children do you think? Have not we always been a little child? Was it not so exciting in the Christmas period and also on Nicholas? Why do not we keep that? Playful, cheerful, uninhibited. But no, we rush from date to date, always afraid not to pay our bills, to lose the job, not meet claims. At the moment it is the worst. The well-known Christmas stress has been used and you have to play to all the abundance still the Nicholas for the family. Do you get a sweat or something?

Pause for a moment, breathe the fresh, clear winter air, be enchanted by all the lights. This is doing well, just take a moment break. Can’t we do this every day?

I will now try to create in my everyday life, small moments of peace and contemplation in preparation for Christmas and the New Year. A little less effort would certainly do a good job for most of us, and after a break you are again much more concentrated and powerful, creating more.

And if you play the Santa Claus and get a sweat despite the puzzles, the Aquapresén BERGKRISTALL ACTIVE DEO can help you. We wish you a nice Nikolaus and that your boot is also quite decent.

Your Aquapresén Team



Advent, Advent a light burns. First ... Already the first?

I would say: already one. Hardly to believe but true, the 1st advent is here. Are you already in Christmas mood right away? There is definitely the beautiful decoration you can admire everywhere. You have not yet decorated? But then it is high time and do not forget to get an Advent wreath and mistletoe quickly. You dare not hang up a mistletoe because your lips are so dry and brittle that you might be hurting your partner in the execution of the custom? Well, this is normal in the winter but there can be a lucky remedy. Try the Aquapresén BEAUTY KISS lip care balm. Naturally on the basis of activated water with whey, bee honey and many other nicely healthy ingredients. Contrary to some other products, the Aquapresén lip balm contains no MOHA (can be carcinogenic and mutagenic) and MOSH (deposits in organs). If one uses lip balm,  in one year about 4 such pins in itself and thus also the harmful mineral oil residues. We do not want to do that. Did you know that the mistletoe is supposed to flower for the first time after 5 years and is also known as a healing plant? Very interesting growth. The tree on which it grows serves as a host, but it is also used to some extent. Kissing should bring happiness. And the mistletoe apparently also treasures can be found is clear. We have found our BEAUTY KISS lip balm. ;) Now we wish you a wonderful start in the Advent season, enjoy the anticipation for Christmas and do not be stressed. Have fun with mistletoe kisses.

Your Aquapresén Team












Folk in the Christmas

Soon it will start again, or are you already there? Restaurants are baked out for business, the granny stands at home just in the kitchen and bakes. And the parents argue in the supermarket whether they should buy dominoes, princes or marzipan potatoes. Oh, that is not worth a fight, then everything ends up in the shopping cart. The annual gluttony starts again. There have always been since the end of the summer holidays in the shops:  Spekulatius and co. So you can also start the Christmas bakery  before the first Advent. How nice it would be if you could eat as much as you want and still be slim and healthy. In the advertising one is promised as much, with pills, creams and powder, you should look like a top model in ,,zero comma nothing”. That would be straight to the festivals a great thing. What do you think of all promises in advertising? I am glad that there are companies like Aquapresén which do not fool people, but use real customer reports as advertising measures. And they also speak from their own experience, because each product is tested by itself. Aquapresén does not abuse peppermint men or animals. This is the case with the Slim Bodylotion. When properly used, it inhibits the formation of the fetal cells by two natural natures and has been shown to reduce cellulite. That I try in the Adventszeit directly times out but I fear this wonderful cream is also no freeway ticket to feed fully. But apart from the "slim advantage" of this lotion, she gives me a great feeling of well-being. In the winter, the spa hotels and day-trips are booming. Outside, it is cold and uncomfortable so you can treat body, mind and soul a bit of luxury by letting yourself be pampered from head to toe. With the Aquapresén products, you can also bring this relaxing experience home. The Slim Bodylotion keeps my skin excellently through whey and of course it has also been produced on the basis of activated water. So now off into my Alpentherme herbal bath, afterwards with the Slim Bodylotion cream and then quickly cuddled on the sofa, with Christmas cookies, of course. ;)

Your Aquapresén Team



When it's tingling cold outside: St.Martin

I come home stressed and tired, in the snow-drift I have also used forever. It's dark, I'm cold. I do not feel like cooking or doing anything else. I'd like to go to bed right away. But, oh, no, it's not that late. If the day is so long at work you lose any time. So what to do? Sure, I'll have a nice, hot bath and use some ALPENTHERME herbal bath. Wonderful this foam, the scent. This seems to me directly as in a wellness temple with aromatherapy. Niiiiceeee. If I lie so in the bathtub I have to think again about my day. What happened to me again today. I rode through snow and wind, my horse that carried me away. My coat kept me warm and good despite the cold. Then suddenly, sitting in the snow, a poor man, had no clothes, had rags on. I should help him in his hardship, or the bitter frost would be his death. That was perhaps dramatic, I tell you. Well, I pulled the reins and my horse, that stood still with the poor man. I shared my coat undisturbed. I gave half the silence, the beggar quickly wants to thank me, but I rode away in an easter with my coat part. On the way, I came to a few singing children, who stood with beautifully lanterns in front of doors, and sang:

"I go with my lantern and my lantern with me. Up there the stars shine, we shine down here. The light goes out we go to the house, rabimmel, rabammel rabummbummbumm. "

They looked quite frozen, but at least their sweets were full. The Kiddis would now also gladly in the ALPENTHERME herbal bath ...

In these troubled times, let us remember St.Martin and his message of sharing, while we lie so comfortably and sheltered in the bathtub.


Your Aquapresén Team

(These are German St.Martin songs, so it’s not that easy to translate them ;) )



We fly into winter

We fly into the winter with the Alpenflug shower gel. For the right freshness kick in the morning, when it is still dark and greasy.
6 o'clock in the morning and the alarm clock rings. An eye opens and stares at the display: Is it really time to get up? Outside, it is dark, cold and wet, no weather to chase dogs out the door. But it is no good to call duty. So first time under the shower, wake up. Oh, I'd like to turn around again and close my eyes again. Do you like that in the morning? So I get really hard from the bed in the winter. Then I always remember the saying: "I only need vacation twice a year, 6 months each." Then I could sleep well. What do you do best to get up in the early morning? I shower with the ALPENFLUG shower gel, my FLEX muscle balm for showering so to say, that makes me really awake. The herbal odor in the connection with the activated water makes me directly clearer in the head. On the way to work, I find especially many bird swarms. They also fly in their winter holidays. Maybe to Africa or rather Spain? Exciting as the birds automatically know when they need to fly into the "winter". Some fly alone, these are probably the brave ones who consider themselves particularly cool. But they also come at some point. Only a little, the birds must finally also take a break. Are there really resting places for birds, where they can really refuel? Sure, if you are part of the month of the road and then still so small and fly between 50 and 70 km a day, you must fly over seas, deserts, mountains and cities. Really impressive, these birds. The migratory birds are also often at the end of their forces and would prefer not to fly any further. Unfortunately, I can offer you no ALPENFLUG shower gel, then they would be again properly fit and nice clean. But I set up a birdhouse in the garden. There is not much more choice in the buffet by the whole spraying and changed food. We can then act as a kitchen aid.

With beeping greetings,

Your Aquapresén Team



Vampires needs perfect teeth

Abracadabra, it creeps again. Soon, it’s Halloween and some witches and some vampires are already drifting. Have you already padded your sweets? So I'm ready when it's called Trick or Treat. Halloween, by the way, is derived from All Hallows' Eve and describes the evening and the night before All Saints. Now I know why Halloween has to do with ghosts. In spite of this not very creepy story of Halloween I run so many times an icy shiver down the spine when I see the costumes. Recently, I met a vampire in our shop, super disguise I tell you. As I almost fell off my office chair, he looked so real in the first moment. And then it was already dark, I worked overtime alone in the office. There is everything double creepy. He inquired about toothpaste and asked me more often the same questions, very strange the guy. But what is it, each customer is treated the same way  so always remain nice loose. My goodness these contact lenses are so completely real. As I said I was very impressed with the costume. I gave him some information about our toothpaste. It cleans without microplastics and contains no fluoride, which is known to cause aluminum to settle faster in the body.
(Aluminum is detected in increased dosage especially in Alzheimer patients.) He was very interested and told me how important his teeth were for him. Ok, I thought to myself, he is totally absorbed in his role.
Ultimately, he chose the Alpinadent Active Dental Care and lubricated her directly with his long thin fingers on the teeth. I know, totally crazy. I just turned around and suddenly I looked into our mirror. I could not see him but he was right in front of me. Then he turned around, and then only his white beauties blinked in the mirror. After that: Black out, I know nothing more, only our toothpaste is now completely empty ...

I do not want to meet a forgetful vampire with yellow teeth on Halloween. Never again.

Your Aquapresén Team



Astronaut's Hair

Mamma Mia there they fly again, the hair. Because of the hairstyle does fit – or not. As soon as it gets colder and the air drier, our hair is no longer sufficiently moisturized. And schwuppdiwupp  you look as if you put your finger in the socket, terrible. I'm not an astronaut in space.

But my hair looks different. They want to grab the stars every winter. I would like to but in a different way. I wish I had a magnificent lion's mane and not sticky hair, because otherwise I do not know how to tame the astronaut's hair. Tame? Maybe my hair is wrong: lion's man = tame? Well, what should I do, hardly I go out of the house with the hairstyle again. Even inside as I swept my sweater, the trouble began. Do you know that too? I have been told that I should use shampoos and care products which provide the hair really well with moisture, Do not dry too hot and do not rub the wet hair dry with the towel. This should destroy the hair structure. I try this time, especially with our double-strong shampoo and of course also with the hair balm.

A winter as a lion and not an astronaut, that would it be?

Your Aquapresén Team



Autumn Hands

Our hands are with the most important body parts we have. With them we attack, clench our fist, point with the pointing finger, cursing with the middle finger and decorate the ring finger. The last time you cut branches, form hedges and prepare garden f0r winter.

Whether chopping through wood, foliage reefs or working on the pond, our hands have to endure a lot. In addition, the air gets drier and the skin becomes more cracked. According to Wikipedia, we have 27 hand bones, that is, just under a quarter of the total bones of our body. Quite a lot and then that precision. Just think of a goldsmith or a model builder. What we can do. Already interesting or? Do not our hands manage to be better maintained and respected? Sure, we go to the nail studio and use soap when washing. But is that enough? Especially when it gets colder, our skin dries more and is more vulnerable to cracks and small injuries. Work with so dry hands in the garden, cut branches and rake leaves. Aua. This is exactly what we see at Aquapresén, so we also offer a hand cream that has a nourishing effect. With whey, activated water and various herbs. You may think now that hand cream is totally unpleasant, you can not touch anything forever and leaves greasy fingers everywhere. No, no, it does not have to be. The Aquapresén Slow-Aging HAND CREAM quickly absorbs and moisturises the skin immediately so you can continue working immediately.

Give your hands what they deserve: care, nutrients, attention and love;)

Enter your discount code: Handcr35 as long as the action is current, and you will get the Aquapresén hand cream 35% cheaper. Of course, you benefit from our discount system anyway, if you order several articles.

Your Aquapresén Team




Somehow it is necessary for us to try to coexist peacefully with all other beings on this planet. This happens to be made a little harder for us humans on occasion. On the other hand imagine the animal world creating libraries full of the most cruel news articles about us humans.

“These are her victims – The invasion of the wasp” was the recent headline of Never mind the title, “Not all varieties are prone to sting”, an expert verifies. “The people in particular are not what the insects are after. They are not looking for a fight but to get nourished. Interestingly they don’t just go for the sweet stuff. Leftover bratwurst from a grilling party is as interesting.”

The German non-governmental organization ("Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union") “NABU”, which stands protective on the side of the animal, writes: “Hornets and wasps are more peaceful than generally assumed. But one thing we can absolutely rely on: If you try to enjoy some cake or ice cream out in the open, you will surely be joined by some not so welcomed guests. The NABU is all to happy to provide you with lots of helpful advice concerning the handling of wasps, hornets, and co.

It is fascinating how quickly kids can close their mouth and eyes and suddenly sit completely still – and for a pretty long time. It happens only when wasps are concerned :-).

Being in a situation like that, even us grown-ups can’t stay completely relaxed, as can be observed at beer-gardens and grill parties. Suddenly you see wild hand waving, fanning, you hear little shrieks here and there and air blows (definitely not recommended). Despite all the extensive knowledge we still fear these little creatures. Although we all know very well they delight in sweetened beverage, sausages and meat, nevertheless we become startled every time they suddenly appear. The German youth science competition “Jugend Forscht” (translated: “Youth researches”) recently gave an award to a young girl for her findings: Wasps love ripe grapes. A small bowl at a safe distance form your party guests, can bring great results.

You don’t need to panic, if you don’t have allergies. There are simple and effective products to alleviate the symptoms. Everyone is familiar with the healing powers of onions, lemons and even toothpaste (mint) when stings are concerned.

There is another simpler option, besides it is not always easy to have the complete vegetable supply readily available at a picnic or beer-garden. The Swiss Liquid as well as the Quell Gel are both unbeatable party-companions and can assist well with sting remedy.

However the wasp's favorite month August is slowly coming to an end. With this in mind the Aquapresen team wishes you more great parties, wonderful summer nights and much peaceful togetherness.



The faint-hearted among us need to look away for the moment please. All of us not so faint-hearted will bravely take on the matter. No question. Either way it’s summer time now. It’s extremely hot and where do we want to be most at any given minute? Right, of course - by the water! As I was lying there over the last few days I decided to take a closer look at the people masses. Into the water and then out again. Big, small, heavy-set, skinny, beautiful and not so pretty folks. Then I was imagining how many different sunscreens, deodorants, shampoos, and other beauty care products they are carrying with them besides the pounds. Further more I noticed a funny saying on the t-shirt of a pool visitor. It stated: “I put the “P” in the pool!”

Mhhhmmm, I thought to myself, and then once more mhhhmmm?! And then I was shaken just a bit. And now what to do? Research of course, what else. At Aquapresen we happen to have a weakness for pure water. And look – I knew it. The the GSF - National Research Center for Environment and Health, Environmental Consulting for instance summarizes it like this: swimming pool water is an accumulating source of organic contaminating materials (humic substances f.e.). To be more specific, while bathing the visitors’ endogenous impurities (such as sweat, urine, germs, skin particles etc.) are entering the water as well as other polluting substances (sunscreen, dirt from laying in the grass etc.). Further more the water is contaminated with harmful substances. One of them would be bacteria and to eliminate these, disinfecting products are used in chlorination. After reading this I went and took a shower and refused to enter the pool another time.

This morning with kit and caboodle I took a bike ride to a river. Of course that water there is also contaminated, but everything feels much more natural. First of all the water flows, secondly there were no crowds of people even though the comfort and the entertainment programs cannot be compared. All that peace and nature had such a positive influence on me, that I decided to make this spot my secret place for spending hot summer days. So please don’t tell anyone, ok!


Just keep following your nose

Every now and then I come across him in the elevator. Most of the time it’s early in the morning. Of course he is handsome. But what really makes me speechless is his scent. It’s not the early-morning-coming-right-out-of-the shower freshness. It’s not just his perfume or his person. Somehow it is a mix of everything put together. Indeed I do have a quick tongue. But this smell simply makes me muzzled. I just stand there, as if I couldn't count till three. Hi-hi, I smile awkwardly. He must be assuming I can’t count till three. In any case, a neighborly casual conversation has not yet occurred. Sometimes I don’t see him at all, I can only smell that he must have just been here. Mesmerized I follow the scent down to the underground parking garage. What incredible power the sense of smell can have. I won’t elaborate what else it does to me. I’m remembering why the saying “I can’t smell this one or that one” makes sense. Our senses determine if we can “tolerate” someone or whether we simply can not. Well meaning words will not help anything if the sense of smell refuses to comply. Our senses are reliable sources. When anything smells good suddenly countless associations occur, which trigger something in us. Anyhow I am convinced, that the sense of smell strongly influences our encounters. How lucky we are to have the power of nature supporting the natural cooling mechanism of our skin, without stuffing any pores or glossing over our own wonderful natural scent in the process. Using the Aquapresén Bergkristall Active Deodorant and the tested Swiss Liquid, I’m making sure that one day I will be the reason someone remains in an elevator with simply no words left to speak.






All and everything

Are you familiar with the unrestrained heavy feeling? When everything is flickering and the air is on fire? When your movements seem like in slow motion and you can’t seem to make a decision, whether to be excited about sun shine or to moan about the heat. As soon as rain falls or when it gets cold and dark outside, we yearn for the sun. She puts us in great mood, gives us desire and strength. But when she really burns hot in the sky, and she is doing that recently all too often following a breezy day, our focus turns to one thing only – water! Cool, clear, lifeblood. It's the source of nature and a life giving force. How matter of fact it has become to us, available at all times and everywhere. It flows from the faucet, it seems to be endlessly available. We drink it, water with it, work with it, cook, clean and produce everything with it. Just occasionally we forget to remember its value. But it’s like that with everything that we get used to and where seemingly one has to do nothing to receive it. Nevertheless - on these particularly hot summer days it suddenly reappears – our awareness of how precious water is to life. We imagine ourselves jumping into a lake or pool, how it runs down our body and makes us feel free. How it takes away the heat and lets our mind become completely free. In these moments we seem to be willing to sacrifice everything just to have a drop right this minute. These moments make us aware that this sparkling, flowing, quiet source deserves all admiration. That’s why we make a point to mention it here once more: water, what a gift! And of course it’s the basis for all the products we produce. The Swiss high quality water from our own source, of which all our products are made, becomes activated through a unique method and thus offers the ability to react with foreign body particles and to neutralize them. In this way a large field of application is developed for the care and protection of our skin and body. Without this water, there would be nothing. And because we are very aware of this fact, we would like to invite you to join us in learning to appreciate every drop and realize how much power is hidden in every mouthful and gallon. Let it sparkle, splatter, flow and bubble.

A powerful week to you from your team at Aquapresén


Believing in each other!

Aquapresen presents a master check to the Super Finals winning team Piranha Chur

Being the champions of the Super Finals makes the Unihockeyclub Piranha Chur realize once again what it takes to have true success: The female Swiss indoor-hockey players distinguish themselves by their irrepressible team spirit. The team is very familiar with being cheered on and celebrated, the reason being one title is chasing another. Where lies the secret, Seraina Ulber, famous sports woman from Bünden and NLA captain, explains it to the media like this: “We have very strong players on our team. The best thing however is that my colleagues believe in me as much as I believe in them. That’s what makes us strong!” The team is also supported by fans and sponsors with great passion. “The energy and enthusiasm that the team puts forward, are simply contagious”, says Michael Keil, CEO of Aquapresen Swiss Cosmetics, who proudly presented the winners with a check in the amount of CHF 1000.00 at the Super Finals. “Our products are just like us as sponsors, the quiet companions and supporters of the team. Especially competitive athletes, that have to bring out their best under difficult conditions, know only too well how important it is to take care of and nurture the body. Our Swiss Liquid, Flex Muscle Balm and Gletcher Cooling Gel are an inherent part of the exceptional players’ equipment. “The Piranha Chur team members are our experts. Their experiences with our products are most important as a feedback for our product development and product offers.”, emphasizes Keil. This is a partnership that’s beneficial to both sides. It is proof that all relationships are based on believing in each other and giving support. Of course this applies in good as well as in bad times.

Congratulations Piranhas! Continue with your good work and keep your tail up! We are proud of you.

Your Team at Aquapresén



A few days ago the Mercedes Tennis Cup took place in Stuttgart. On lawn for the first time. This well-known Weissenhof-Tournament had shown us all what a sudorific and challenging sport tennis can be. My heart was beating for Gael Monfils, whose play seems very creative and passionate. But when it came to who should be the winner, for me it was most definitely Viktor Troicki. I must inform you in advance – the winner was the tournament's star, Rafael Nadal. The players, who still show passion for the game, are to gain all my sympathies. I can think of only one thing to say about the winner of the Tournament – what a machine! What power. What strength. With one of his strokes one imagines the powers that function within a human body, what possibilities are being held within us, but also everything we expect of it.

In time laps the enormous power of the legs and tendons, which move the bones, can be observed. Seeing this, who will consider that one-sided strain or constant wrong moves can lead to Problems. After all we as amateurs have little time to keep our machine well oiled and toughened.

Only a few people know, that the cause of the so called tennis, elbow which can bring great pains, does not initiate from sports to 90%, but from lawn mowing, cleaning, handyman work or false writing posture. Tiny micro ruptures at the roots of the tendons have been infected and provoke torture with every move of the arm. The best prophylaxis to avoid it, is to always keep the correct posture, to use the right techniques and exoneration. If one becomes a victim regardless, the only remedies are: Keeping it cool – taking it easy – healing.

The best opportunity to heal the body, our organic machine, is of course the power of nature itself. It has contained for decades in the popular and tested Aquapresén Flex Muscle balm which serves especially in case of a tennis or golfer’s elbow as a true miracle cure.

For cooling and healing purposes Aquapresén Cooling Gel is exceptionally suitable. It helps in particular with feeling immediate relief, because the pain eases with the sudden cooling effect. Try it our for yourself and make sure to let us know, how :-) you obtained your tennis elbow.

to the prduct to the product


And don’t forget to oil your machine sufficiently. Have a great week.

Your team at Aquapresén


Caught in the act!

Hooray, the meteorological summer has finally arrived! And with it, airy light wardrobe. And of course the once again visible body culture. That's the reason why we decided to begin this week with a body part ranking. Which body part is most important to us? Is it the face? And how does the ranking continue? The hands, the neckline, the muscles, or is it legs? Yes, no question here we must get to ask – do we give them all equal treatment? We felt caught in the act? How do you feel?

Do you give as much care to all your body parts as to your face? No? But why? Is it because it's that body part, that always gets to be shown off? And the rest of it isn't worth it?
Try to imagine you had blisters on your face, cracks or even an infection? What would you do? Of course we all know the answer – care for it, nurture and heal it.

So we turned it all upside down and started again from the bottom. Traditional Chinese medicine culture applies all its curative treatments to the feet. All sensory cells of our organs are connected with specific regions of our skin and especially with the region of our feet. Whether it's a relaxing foot soak to strengthen the immune system or a massage with focus on pressure points, they both serve prevention and healing.

The Chinese know it well, well-being starts at the feet.
When fungus and infection have set on, the well-being of our entire body becomes disrupted. With our Aquapresen Swiss Liquid we offer, particularly through the use of activated water, an ideal care product to protect from infections, support of the bodily self-healing forces and also odor reduction. It can be effectively applied especially against itching, nail infections, foot and nail fungus, allergic reactions and foot odor. Yes of course we all really hate to talk about it. But we can easily ensure equal treatment to all. Allow yourself to be caught in the act and enjoy the summer being healthy and beautiful.

Happy June greetings!

Your team at Aquapresen



We are admired for our curves and most of the time we are the ones, that don’t really love them. Mother nature gave our skin a structure, which changes as well as our curves in all life situations.

This is how it was meant to be. It's just that we can't really find any reasonable purpose behind this so called orange skin. Cellulite is a long runner, that robs us of our self esteem especially in summer time. However by no means there are women, that show all of us how to deal with it: Scarlett Johansson, who is regarded as ultra sexy, sets a good example by saying: “Yes, I do have curves” and proudly shows off her cellulite fully unedited in her movie scenes.
In our days we are all too familiar with the causes of orange skin as well as preventative methods against cellulite. Most scientists consider cellulite a trifle and find it an undeserving field of research. We ourselves are the ones maintaining its long runner status.

So, let's take this trifle matter in our own hands! We are absolutely convinced, that even for this, there is an herb growing somewhere:
True beauty lies on the inside - and the following also applies:

  1. Keep your posture and self esteem upright
  2. Maintain a healthy diet and plenty of exercise
  3. Cherish and nurture yourself with love and great products

The success of our Aquapresen Slim Body Lotion is tangible and clearly visible. We won't promise you the skies, but the power of nature we do stand behind. We are loving your curves! You do it too and treat them with kindness.

Your team at Aquapresén


Breathe with ease!

A rediscovery of a natural remedy for hay fever and allergies

The allergic reaction of people to pollen from trees and grasses has reached a point where it can be considered a widespread disease. Millions of people are faced with the same problem. As spring arrives, a running nose and shortness of breath are some of the troublesome symptoms, many will have to deal with. Most of the time, if we take a closer look, these allergy suggesting symptoms are hay fever related. Hay fever occurs, when our immune system overreacts and suddenly begins a defense against harmless substances. To liberate the mucous membranes from the disagreeable pollen, and to keep allergic reaction as low as possible, it seems suitable to recommend a tested natural technique, which can be applied without any side effects or interactions: nasal rinsing.

Far Eastern cultures have been using traditional nasal rinsing to purify nasal mucous membranes for thousands of years. Finally, especially due to an increased occurrence of allergies, the Western world has rediscovered this natural technique, preventative and curing against ailments of upper respiratory tracts.

The effectiveness of nasal rinsing is based upon gentle but thorough removal of irritating and extraneous particles from the nasal mucous membranes. When applied daily, nasal rinsing supports the natural cleansing and protective functions of the nose, and through a soft rinse allows for a removal of dust particles, allergens and pathogenic germs. For many the areas of the throat, nose and ears, are very sensitive and prone to cause discomfort. Bad breath, stuffy nose and ears and gum inflammation are only a few of those affected areas.

In presenting our AQUAPRESEN HNO Liquid, we are providing a natural product, which has been created with a focus especially on the mucous membrane sections of the throat, nose and ears. Activated water, which is derived through a unique patented process from Swiss mountain spring water, is the origin of this product once again. And now you can breathe freely and proceed to sharing your very own experiences with us.

Your team at Aquapresén


Today is a good day to start!

We proudly present ……starting today our Swiss natural cosmetic products will be available overseas.

Aquapresén – an innovation.

Everything that the Swiss stand for, is reflected in our uniquely special products. This organic cosmetic and beauty care product line, offers an innovation to the cosmetic industry, through its worldwide one-of-a-kind procedure with activated Swiss spring water and the 100% pure and natural ingredients of its products. The neutralization of body foreign and unpleasant substances through activated spring water has been scientifically proven. Even your anchors have tried our products. You can hear for yourselves on Sunny 1450/1320 AM, Seaview 104,9, River 95,3 and The Coast 92,1 how excitingly delighting the testing results have come out.

Whether it concerns your beauty care, your exercise, and even the areas of anti-aging and wellness - Aquapresén cosmetics are purely natural effective companions for beauty-filled and healthful days. We are looking forward to this launch and your feedback in the United States and we get the feeling today is a terrific day!

Refreshing greetings from beautiful Switzerland.

Your team at Aquapresén


It's all about, what you make of it!

Since 2012 Aquapresén has been walking a new and courageous path with its four product lines on the international cosmetics market. To become established among the cosmetic giants of this world, requires to be innovative, courageous and imaginative. We have proven this through our success. Our customer base is growing continuously and someone who has tried us and our products once, remains loyal. Through this kind of trust we become obliged. Our team in our main location of Sevelen, in the midst of the prettiest Swiss natural habitat, is working full force on further development of our products and our brand. To ensure that our ideas and our unique patent as well as the effective compositions of our formulas retain success in the cosmetic industry, we need supporters and proponents – but also investors. People that have sustainable ways of thinking, especially when it comes to the resource of money, who are willing to step on new paths and who would like to deliberately invest in a meaningful and “natural future”.

Investment in this way always becomes a sort of co-determination. You get the right to determine what it is you require and promote. Through an investment in our project you are choosing an effective means of design when dealing with the human race and nature. Make your investment in a healthy world of tomorrow.

Aquapresén stands for Swiss values, transparent business principles, natural ingredients, an innovative and heretofore one-of-a-kind technique for activation of spring water and also a meaningful and promising future.

We encourage you to join Aquapresén in becoming part of this future.

We are looking forward to meeting you and appreciate your support.

Your team at Aquapresén

Please feel free to contact us at We are glad to hear from you.




Who will ever think of mineral oil when putting on anti-aging wrinkle remover cream early in the morning? Many lip balm care products also happen to contain mineral oils. These from crude oil derived substances provide a substitute for expensive and high valued vegetable oils. The WHO (World-Health-Organisation) has established so called ADI-values as measure, which should not be exceeded. Some of these and other additional ingredients in cosmetic products, can be harmful to the skin and organs, if over used. After all the skin is our biggest organ and serves to protect our body as well as an absorbent of medications and hormones. Many preservatives also contain carcinogenic substances. The news had been recently, that Canadian researchers from the University of Waterloo had been able to demonstrate that the use of eyeliner can be irritating and even harmful to the eye – an eyeliner stroke, a beauty trick, which had been employed since the days of Cleopatra – however parts of the cosmetic product can be found in the tear film in due time. In most cosmetic products there is simply to much chemistry. That’s one reason to pay close attention, what we use to seemingly benefit our body. In the choosing process we can sometimes easily be deceived by attributes such as color, fragrance, and foam. Natural products have clearly fewer of these empty promises to offer, instead they are much more deserving of the name “care” and “cosmetic”. Expected results can be achieved at least as likely and one remains in better health as a bonus. The list of ingredients that are harmful and hazardous to our health is long, so that by no means they can be numbered here. One should become as aware, as when choosing food products to maintain healthy eating habits, that it is worth it to care for the skin with products which not only beautify it, but also help to maintain its health. No matter whether it’s a day cream, a lip balm, or a shower gel. The most important and greatest ingredient anyway is a positive appearance, directly followed by charm, both together help to create a brilliant look. One who additionally ensures that their care beauty products are not composed of chemical cocktails, can safely start off the spring with a charm offensive. Stay beautiful.

Your Team at Aquapresén  



Wonderful, get ready and off on your bike!

Now it can finally be satisfied – the longing for movement, soft wind on one’s skin and one look from above to view our blooming world. Many will take out their bikes out of basements and garages and are enjoying the newly found freedom in airy light clothing, while walking through the streets, trails and fields. This keeps up the mood. But there is much more than that:

Movement frees up the mind and helps to release tension and stress. It is not possible to achieve greater relaxation – whether we are in a group or alone – movement and activity provide the perfect balance. Besides, regular exercise ensures calm sleep at night and influences eating habits positively. Fresh air supplies an improved immune defense, strengthens the heart circulatory system, and slows down the aging process. It’s pure regeneration!

Some like to get all worn out, others prefer to simply relax. On a bike in particular you can have it either way, whichever you are in the mood for at the given time. In case your winter-tired muscles and bones are still a little more stiff, etch or ache: take things a bit more slowly. Simply take a quiet ride through the town and enjoy the smiling faces, which suddenly can be observed everywhere. And if your excitement made it completely impossible for you to resist overdoing it somewhat in the beginning, a small amount of AQUAPRESÉN Gletscher Cooling Gel for a nice cooling effect or AQUAPRESÉN Flex Musclelbalm for alleviation, can refresh and soothe your tired muscles. Your bike may also squeak a little when starting out!

Our team at AQUAPRESÉN wishes you a great week.



They carry us all our life. We hardly let them see the daylight. They accomplish maximum performance, provide free movement and balance. Most importantly they allow us to get steadily through our day, even though their 26 bones and their 60 muscles must support an incredible load. Thousands of nerve ends ensure that we can walk, jump, run and dance. They possess more sensory cells than our face, in spite of hardly ever receiving a tender caress in return. They are a masterpiece of evolution: our feet!

Especially in the winter months we often treat our feet a bit shabby. Carelessly they are forced into tight shoes or must wear the same ones, and their few sebaceous glands are incapable of sustaining smooth gentle skin as they receive insufficient care. Come summertime and our spring feelings arrive and we become excited to deploy our summer wardrobe,  we suddenly remember our neglected faithful companions.

The tired feet and heavy legs want to be pampered, groomed and cared for lovingly, so they can shine effortlessly even in summer sandals.

Summer loving feet are especially looking forward to foot baths, refreshing and deodorizing care and lots of moisture, fresh air and sun light.

“Walk barefoot and the shoe won’t pinch” was once said by the Swiss journalist Walter Ludin, who was a member of the Franciscan order of the Capuchin. Allow your feet the pleasure of an extensive foot massage and become aware once again, how important these hidden body parts are for our all around well being and health.

The reliable and stimulating products of Aquapresen from the Swiss Water Spring, offer an all around care for healthy, well-groomed and beautiful feet, through the use of odor removing and valuable ingredients. Even the longest journey begins with the first step. We will be at your side!   



The formula of endless opportunities

The intact nature that surrounds us, inspires us as much as the resources from which we draw continuously: the AQUAPRESÉN Spring Water for instance, which thanks to the activation process has the ability to eradicate odor causing bacteria, is offering so many variations of its use, which we are just now beginning to discover and to develop step-by-step. And once again the positive force is so tangible. That’s why we are so excited to have the opportunity to introduce to you our two brand new innovative products:



Two products that have an impact exactly where hygiene and freshness are required. No question all components and ingredients are free of chemical additives, aluminum binders or fluoride and micro plastics. In the long run our body will tolerate only harmless substances, especially in the region of the mouth and on the surface of the skin. Our freshness companions for the entire day, will be introduced and presented at on April 4th, 2015. Feel free to join us and complete your body care collection with our recent newly added AQUAPRESÉN stars.


The newly developed “Active Deodorant” based on activated water is long-lasting, neutral  in accordance with the skin, and free of aluminum.

Popular features: the BERGKRISTALL Active Deodorant protects from unpleasant odor with repetitive use and soothes irritated skin.

Application: simply apply deodorant roller at your leisure.

Advantages: thanks to the odor-neutral deodorant, it feels nice to use your favorite perfume.


The newly developed “Active Toothpaste” based on activated water with added Bio Aloe Vera, Stevia Extract and Bio Mint Extract protect and provide care for the tooth as well as the gums.

Popular features: Organic peppermint oil supplies fresh breath. (der Satz ist 2 Mal drinnen) Stevia can improve the appearance of brighter (das Wort fehlt) teeth and kills odor-causing bacteria.

Tip: Gargle with AQUAPRESÉN HNO Liquid before brushing your teeth with ALPINADENT Active toothpaste, to effectively ensure protection from bad breath and the appearance of gum and dental afflictions.


Application: Brush your teeth thoroughly two times a day. Use multiple times if necessary.

Tip: Gargle with AQUAPRESÉN HNO Liquid before brushing your teeth with ALPINADENT Active toothpaste, to effectively ensure protection from the detrimental appearance of gums and teeth as well as preventing bad breath.




"To understand tomorrow, I must grasp today and know yesterday.” says Norbert Brankenwagen from the independent Swiss broadcasting channel Time To Do. Aquapresen has a guest appearance once again. The ones who like to look behind the scenes and find out “more”, will be glad to drop by: on the 25th of March you can see us on the TV broadcasting channel Schweiz5 at from 8pm-9pm.


An Ancient Power Wizard Is Back

As if we knew it, this past weekend spring has announced its beginnings all around and thousands of people were brought outside to be a part of nature. The power wizard called spring has returned and many of our customers are letting us know, how they are preparing to repossess their strength reserves through their own individual ways of fasting. With this knowledge we've come to think of a different kind of power wizard, this one also happens to return on a regular basis and can be found in many of our Aquapresen-Products: What was already known to the Romans, Hippocrates and Cleopatra, doctors, athletes, and beauty experts have only just re-discovered: whey as a health and beauty product. In popular medicine whey had been used for a long time not only in slimming cures and detoxification treatments, but also to ease digestive problems, strengthen liver function and intestinal flora, as well as skin structure. Meanwhile in New York City the magical tonic is being mixed into popular funky drinks. Spa resorts are re-introducing whey cures and scientists are reassuring the effectiveness of this lean product, which occurs as a fall-out in the process of cheese making. What the famous natural scientist Tissot has already stated: „I dare to claim, that whey is one of the most powerful healing agents ever“, is being confirmed today by means of a scientific study performed at the University of Gießen. The study attests the milk product’s high content of vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, whey proteins, lactose, and lactic acid. On the other hand, fat and additional carbohydrates are almost non-existent. Because the nutrients are dissolved within the liquid whey, the human organism can absorb them quickly. Whey can also be used externally and promises a real beauty-buzz for the skin. Lactic acid plays an important role to the human organism and is being produced by it as well. Lactic acid is indispensable for a healthy skin, due to it being a component of the skins’ protective acid mantle. Then why not give this original age-old healing agent a try at home, re-discover it and let the wizard do its work internally as well as externally? There are countless recipes for masks, baths, drinks and health foods that long to be re-discovered. Everything in the past has not always been better but one might say it was already good. With this in mind we wish you to start your week with a power wizard at your side.

Your Team at Aquapresén

Feel free to let us know about your experiences with whey and whey products. We are happy to hear from you. Please write us at:



Just Before Reaching The Summit

It’s a feeling every mountain climber and hiker is familiar with. Once the destination point is in sight, one is overcome with incredible exhaustion, as though it was an impossible thing to take another step. All remaining strength reserves are gathered and one drags himself with diminishing force to reach the final goal. We’ve reached the end of a long period of suffering from lack of light, shorter days, cold air outside, and dry heating air inside, all of which slowly robbed us of our bodily strength. Occasionally there are moments in our day when spring flashes briefly before our eyes, and every little part of us starts to feel the longing for this new beginning. All in all its a type of thirst. A thirst for light, warmth, water, nature, blooming gardens and twittering birds. One feels slightly like dried-up old autumn leaves left outside in the muddy grass field. We should nurture and care for ourselves especially now, so that we can master the remaining days of winter, drink plenty of liquids and in spite of rain and overcast skies get outside and get moving. When our New Years resolutions slowly fade away, there is only one simple trick that never fails to help: Don’t attempt to go on a run, just simply tie your shoes. The rest just follows. We should return lost moisture back to our skin and readjust our eating habits cautiously. But most importantly we should strengthen our soul. Listen to some good music, try some especially delicious food, or read a terrific book. Reward yourself and your loved ones. We almost made it.



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