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Company history

Philosophy and History of Aquapresén Cosmetics

From the cowshed to the garage, to America - an emerging cosmetics manufacturer


Our history begins a few years ago in agriculture.
The founder and CEO of Aquapresen Cosmetiks AG was then active in the agricultural sector and learned about the activated water and the associated production machine by "coincidence".
Of the possibilities that this water offers impressed, he recognized the potential behind it.

They all start in the garage

In Switzerland, in the in-house garage, he began to fill the activated water from water containers, to hand over the bottles with labels, and to take over the entire logistics independently.
The business grew and grew and soon, it was no longer possible to keep everything alone. .
So he found a bottling company, which took over the logistics and bottling for him.

New opportunities

The filling operation was taken over after a short time so that an expanded product range could be filled.

A dream becomes true

To date, the activated water has still been supplied by a producer but that should change soon.
After moving to Sevelen in new premises we were soon able to move into our own production machine for activated water - our core.
We proudly began to produce and opened a small factory shop.
The next step was then a separate filling plant. Now we could really do everything ourselves and were largely independent.
In the meantime, the managing director has discovered the whey, and with this addition, our products remained purely natural, without any synthetic ingredients.
Our creams were thrilled with our clientele and showed us once again that we are on the right track.

Aquapresén goes USA

Through visits to Florida, we were again struck by the ambition and we decided to make the Aquapresén products accessible to the US market.
After long preparation, it was then in January 2015 so far, the Aquapresen Cosmetics USA Inc. went to the start.
We started an American Amazon shop, radio animation, actions, etc. The way to television is certainly not far.
In Europe, we already have 123 TV, Salve TV, Ländle TV and Time to do experience with it and have been able to increase our degree of recognition so exponentially.

For the future

We would like to meet as many customer requests as possible, but also remain true to us. Aquapresén is looking for opportunities that nature provides to us. We do not want to leave a poison to our bodies, we have decided - for health!

Some years

- 2012 Foundation of Aquapresén Cosmetiks GmbH
- 2014 move to Sevelen
- 2015 Change to Aquapresén Cosmetiks AG 


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